A Weekend of Head-Turning Beauty: Celebrities Embrace Fairy-like Glam and Muted Elegance

From opalescent cheeks to sleek hairstyles, celebrities set the beauty trends for the season

This past weekend, celebrities took the beauty world by storm with their stunning and diverse looks. From the ethereal fairy-like glam to the elegant and muted pre-Grammy Gala styles, these beauty moments are sure to inspire and influence the upcoming awards shows, cocktail parties, and fashion weeks. Let’s dive into the captivating world of celebrity beauty and explore the trends that stole the spotlight.

Fairy-like Glam: Opalescent Cheeks and Silk Presses

Rapper Ice Spice set the tone for the weekend with her enchanting beauty look. She effortlessly combined opalescent, shimmery cheeks with a sleek silk press and swooped-bangs. This ethereal combination created a fairy-like aura that captured everyone’s attention. Artists Saweetie and Tyla also embraced the fairy-like trend, showcasing sparkly pale pinks, posh body glitter, and contoured blush. Keke Palmer joined in on the magic, opting for pink nail polish, warm shadows, soft lips, and fluffy lashes.

Pre-Grammy Gala Glam: Muted Elegance and Personalized Touches

The pre-Grammy Gala saw celebrities embracing a more muted and elegant beauty aesthetic. Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland showcased stunning brown-toned makeup looks that exuded sophistication. While the overall beats were similar, there were subtle variations that added a personalized touch. Chloe Bailey, for instance, sported a white-filled wing, while her sister Halle opted for a matte nude lipstick. Hairstyles also played a significant role in individualizing the looks. Tracee Ellis Ross stunned with a slicked-back blunt bob, while CityGirl JT rocked a diva-pumped hair-wrapped ponytail.

The Weekend’s Double-Tap Worthy Looks

In case you missed it, here are 16 celebrity beauty looks that had us reaching for the double-tap button. From the fairy-like glam to the muted elegance, these looks showcased the creativity and artistry of the celebrities and their glam teams. Flip through the gallery and prepare to be inspired for your next glamorous event.

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This weekend’s beauty moments were nothing short of breathtaking. Celebrities embraced both the ethereal beauty of fairy-like glam and the understated elegance of the pre-Grammy Gala. From opalescent cheeks and silk presses to muted brown-toned makeup looks and personalized hairstyles, these beauty trends are sure to make waves in the upcoming season. As we eagerly await the next awards shows, cocktail parties, and fashion weeks, let these celebrity looks serve as inspiration for our own beauty journeys.