Celebrity Beauty Looks: A Feast for the Eyes

Celebrity Beauty Looks: A Feast for the Eyes

From SFX transformations to classic beauty, these 9 celebrity looks are captivating the Instagram world.

In the age of social media, our Instagram feeds have become a treasure trove of beauty inspiration. From holiday and SFX makeup to playful contour and experimental nails, celebrities are constantly pushing the boundaries and giving us new ideas to add to our mood boards. This week, we were treated to a plethora of stunning looks that left us in awe. From Lizzo’s Grinch-inspired SFX transformation to Nicki Minaj’s iconic pink wig, here are nine celebrity beauty looks that are taking the internet by storm.

Lizzo: The Grinch Who Stole “Binchmas”

Lizzo stole the show with her SFX transformation into the Grinch. Sporting a Who-ville-inspired nose, green face and body paint, and long, hairy nails, she fully embraced the holiday spirit. Her thick furry eyebrows and high nose contour added a touch of whimsy to the look.

Doechii: The Playful Contour

In stark contrast to Lizzo’s bold transformation, Doechii opted for a more playful contour. Concealing her eyebrows with two tones of pink and a wide nose contour, she showcased her creativity and unique style.

Nicki Minaj: The Queen of Pink

Nicki Minaj never fails to make a statement, and her knee-long Barbie pink wig was no exception. With this classic Onika look, she reminded us why she is the Queen of Pink Friday.

Fantasia: The Bold Pixie Cut

Fantasia turned heads with her black pixie-like cut, exuding confidence and elegance. This short hairstyle perfectly complemented her look for an event for The Color Purple, where she was joined by none other than Oprah herself.

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Justine Skye: The Classic Beauty

Justine Skye embraced the timeless beauty look with a black hairstyle featuring dropped curls. Her clear gloss, brown-lined lip, and hydrated winter skin added a touch of sophistication to her overall appearance.

Rihanna: The Edgy Glam

Rihanna never shies away from pushing boundaries, and her edgy glam look was no exception. With bold, smoky eyes, a sleek high ponytail, and perfectly contoured cheekbones, she showcased her signature style and fierce confidence.

Zendaya: The Effortless Chic

Zendaya always manages to effortlessly exude chicness, and her recent beauty look was no different. With minimal makeup, a sleek middle-parted hairstyle, and glowing skin, she proved that sometimes less is more.

Lupita Nyong’o: The Vibrant Beauty

Lupita Nyong’o is known for her vibrant and bold beauty choices, and her recent look did not disappoint. With a vibrant blue eyeshadow, a pop of pink on the lips, and a sleek updo, she radiated confidence and individuality.

Beyoncé: The Timeless Icon

No list of celebrity beauty looks would be complete without mentioning Beyoncé. With her flawless complexion, perfectly winged eyeliner, and iconic honey-blonde locks, she continues to set the standard for timeless beauty.


From SFX transformations to classic beauty, these nine celebrity looks have captivated the Instagram world and left us in awe. Whether it’s Lizzo’s Grinch-inspired transformation or Beyoncé’s timeless elegance, these celebrities continue to push the boundaries and inspire us to embrace our own unique style. As we enter a new year, we can’t wait to see what other beauty looks these stars have in store for us.

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