Grace Dent Leaves I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on Medical Grounds

Grace Dent Leaves I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! on Medical Grounds

Guardian restaurant critic departs the reality TV show early due to health reasons

Grace Dent, the renowned Guardian restaurant critic, has left the popular reality TV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on medical grounds. Dent’s departure was announced by ITV, and she was seen at Brisbane airport shortly after the announcement. In a heartfelt statement, Dent expressed her regret at letting down her fellow campmates and shared her love and gratitude for the experience. The news of Dent’s departure has garnered messages of support from her fellow contestants and the show’s spokesperson.

Struggles in the Jungle

Dent had previously expressed her difficulties during her time in the jungle. In a conversation with fellow contestant Josie Gibson, Dent confessed that she had reached her limit and wanted to go home. She later revealed in a video diary that she was emotionally drained and struggling to cope with the challenges of the show. These candid admissions shed light on Dent’s state of mind leading up to her departure.

The “Touchdown of Terror” Trial

During one of the show’s trials, Dent faced off against YouTuber Nella Rose, representing the home camp, and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, representing the away team. The trial required Dent and Rose to retrieve footballs from a box filled with bugs while wearing an American football helmet filled with jungle critters. As the trial progressed, Dent encountered a harrowing moment when a cockroach crawled into her ear. The bug was eventually flushed out by a medic, but the incident likely contributed to Dent’s decision to leave the show.

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Support from Campmates

Upon hearing the news of Dent’s departure, her fellow campmates expressed their love and support. Danielle Harold, known for her role in EastEnders, tearfully shouted her affection for Dent, commending her for her resilience. JLS star Marvin Humes also expressed his fondness for Dent and reassured her that she had not let anyone down. The outpouring of support from Dent’s campmates highlights the camaraderie and bond formed during their time together.

Dent’s Love for Food

Before entering the jungle, Dent expressed her apprehension about the lack of food. As a restaurant critic, Dent is accustomed to enjoying four or five posh meals a week. The prospect of hunger and deprivation was a significant concern for her. This insight into Dent’s background and passion for food adds depth to her experience on the show and provides context for her struggles.


Grace Dent’s departure from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on medical grounds has left a void in the camp and touched the hearts of her fellow contestants. Her honest admission of her struggles and the incident with the cockroach in her ear shed light on the physical and emotional toll the show can have on its participants. Dent’s departure serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by those who choose to enter the jungle and the resilience required to endure the experience.