Celebrity Beauty Trends Take Center Stage at Pre-Grammy Gala

A Recap of the Head-Turning Beauty Moments from the Weekend

This past weekend, celebrities dazzled on social media with their stunning beauty looks, setting the stage for the upcoming awards shows, cocktail parties, and fashion weeks. From ethereal fairy-like beauty to pre-Grammy glam, the stars embraced posh and proper aesthetics, captivating their followers with their impeccable style. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most noteworthy celebrity beauty moments that had us double-tapping and adding to our mood boards.

Ice Spice’s Opalescent Glow and Swooped-Bangs

Rapper Ice Spice stole the spotlight with her mesmerizing beauty look. She effortlessly combined two trends, sporting opalescent, shimmery cheeks that added a touch of fairy-like magic to her face. To complement her radiant complexion, she styled her hair in a sleek silk press with swooped-bangs, adding a modern twist to her overall look.

Saweetie and Tyla’s Sparkly Pale Pink Glam

Artists Saweetie and Tyla embraced the posh and glamorous vibe with their sparkly pale pink makeup looks. Their eyes glistened with posh body glitter, while their cheeks were contoured to perfection with blush. The soft and feminine color palette added an elegant touch to their overall appearance, making them stand out in the crowd.

Keke Palmer’s Pink Nail Polish and Soft Lips

Keke Palmer opted for a beauty look inspired by Ice Spice, showcasing pink nail polish and warm shadows. Her lips were adorned with a soft, natural shade, while her lashes were voluminous and fluffy. This combination of soft and feminine elements created a look that exuded sophistication and charm.

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Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland’s Brown-Toned Makeup

At the pre-Grammy Gala, celebrities like Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland embraced the beauty of brown-toned makeup. Their looks were characterized by muted earthy tones, creating a harmonious and natural appearance. While their makeup styles were similar, each artist added their own personal touch, such as Chloe Bailey’s white-filled wing or Halle Bailey’s matte nude lipstick. These variations allowed their individual personalities to shine through.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Slicked-Back Blunt Bob and CityGirl JT’s Diva-Pumped Hair-Wrapped Ponytail

When it comes to hair, Tracee Ellis Ross and CityGirl JT stole the show with their unique hairstyles. Ross rocked a sleek and sophisticated slicked-back blunt bob, accentuating her facial features and exuding confidence. On the other hand, CityGirl JT opted for a diva-inspired hair-wrapped ponytail, adding volume and drama to her overall look. These hairstyles showcased the versatility and creativity of celebrity beauty trends.


The weekend was filled with captivating beauty moments as celebrities showcased their impeccable style and creativity. From opalescent glows to muted brown-toned makeup, each look had its own unique charm. Whether it’s for awards shows, cocktail parties, or fashion weeks, these celebrity beauty trends are sure to inspire and influence beauty enthusiasts around the world. As we continue to follow their journey, we eagerly anticipate the next stunning beauty moments that will grace our social media feeds.