Russian Influencer Faces Backlash Over Risqué Party in Moscow

Conservative activists accuse the event of promoting gay propaganda, sparking controversy in Russia

A costume party hosted by Russian influencer Anastasia Ivleeva at a nightclub in Moscow has ignited a firestorm of criticism from politicians and activists seeking favor with President Vladimir Putin. The event, dubbed the “nude illusion,” featured half-naked celebrities and extravagant costumes, drawing ire from conservative quarters in a country that has seen a conservative turn under Putin’s leadership. This article delves into the controversy surrounding the party and the societal response it has elicited.

1: The Lavish Event and its Attendees

The Mutabor nightclub in Moscow played host to a highly controversial event organized by popular Russian influencer Anastasia Ivleeva. With tickets priced at approximately $11,000, the party attracted a star-studded guest list that included pop stars, models, and TV personality Ksenia Sobchak, who is known for her criticism of Putin. The theme of the event, “nude illusion,” saw Ivleeva donning a diamond body chain worth $250,000, while other guests sported skin-toned mesh and lingerie. Russian rapper Vacio even made an appearance wearing just a sock, according to reports.

2: Outcry from Russian Officials and Activists

The party’s extravagant nature and the public display of non-heterosexual orientation and relationships drew swift condemnation from Russian officials and orthodox activists. Critics argued that the event was insensitive, particularly as Russia’s war with Ukraine continues to claim lives and casualties mount. The lavish affair was deemed “tone-deaf” by TV propagandists and political activists, highlighting the country’s conservative shift under Putin’s leadership.

3: Calls for Legal Repercussions and Boycotts

Prominent figures within Russia, such as Yekaterina Mizulina, head of a Kremlin-connected group advocating for stricter online controls and anti-LGBT laws, called for boycotts against the party’s organizers and attendees. Mizulina labeled the event a “shot in the foot” for the state and urged the government to take action against those involved. Radical Christian group Call of the People even petitioned the prosecutor general’s office for a criminal investigation into the party’s conduct, accusing attendees of engaging in drug use and same-sex displays of affection.

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4: Backlash Against Anastasia Ivleeva

As the face of the event, Anastasia Ivleeva bore the brunt of the backlash. Critics demanded the closure of her business opportunities, substantial fines, and investigations into her finances. However, Ivleeva defended the party in a now-deleted Telegram post, stating that the criticism only served to highlight the beauty of the costumes worn by the attendees. She remained unapologetic, despite the societal uproar.

Conclusion: The controversy surrounding the risqué party hosted by Russian influencer Anastasia Ivleeva in Moscow has exposed the deep divisions within Russian society. The event, with its extravagant costumes and public displays of non-heterosexual relationships, has drawn condemnation from conservative activists and politicians seeking to align themselves with President Putin’s conservative agenda. The societal response to the party reflects a shift in Russia’s stance on LGBT rights, as the government has intensified its anti-LGBT rhetoric and legislation in recent years. The fallout from this event serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for cultural and social acceptance in Russia.