Celebrity Glamping: Inside Austin’s Exclusive 7744 Ranch

Celebrity Glamping: Inside Austin's Exclusive 7744 Ranch

A Unique Twist on Glamping: Luxury RVs Once Owned by Celebrities

When you enter the gates of Austin’s 7744 Ranch, you are greeted by a serene grove of oak and elm trees, complete with trendy amenities such as a cold plunge, sauna, and oversized game boards. But the real attractions lie within the mammoth two-story recreation vehicles that dominate the landscape. These RVs, some of the largest in the world, were previously owned by A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, and Simon Cowell. This 10-acre glamping park offers guests the opportunity to experience luxury camping with a touch of celebrity glamour.

A History of Luxury Trailers for the Stars

Owners Ron and Natalie Anderson have a rich history of providing rental buses and trailers to the rich and famous. Their business, Rock & Roll Buses, thrived during the 1980s and ’90s. However, their true success came when celebrities started approaching them to create custom trailers for their on-set relaxation needs. Ron Anderson’s key to success was understanding what made a star feel at home and incorporating those elements into the trailers.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the entertainment industry to a standstill, leaving many celebrities without a need for their expensive trailers. Facing a significant loss in revenue, the Andersons decided to buy back some units from major names and transform a rural lot in East Austin into a glamping resort. The 7744 Ranch opened its doors in November 2022, offering guests the chance to experience the luxury of these celebrity-owned trailers at a fraction of the cost.

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The Allure of the Celebrity RVs

Touring the RVs at 7744 Ranch, one is immediately struck by their size, livability, and luxurious touches that reflect their previous owners. Will Smith’s trailer, known as The Heat, features rich wood details, a steam shower, and a 100-inch TV. Anderson explains that celebrities like Smith and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sought more space, not just for show, but to create a comfortable and functional environment on set. These trailers provide ample room for relaxation, meetings, and personal needs.

The Versatility of the Trailers

While each trailer was initially built for a specific celebrity, they have since been used by various stars and have undergone remodeling to suit public use. Simon Cowell’s RV, for example, required modifications to remove a massive bathtub and install a bed. The trailers have become versatile spaces that can accommodate different needs and preferences.

Embracing the Glamping Lifestyle

The clientele at 7744 Ranch seeks a private retreat in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ranch attracts visitors celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and those attending sporting events in town. Guests are drawn to the opportunity to enjoy life’s simple pleasures in a luxurious and secluded setting. And, of course, they can’t resist the allure of lounging on Jennifer Lopez’s sofa or experiencing the opulence of Vin Diesel’s trailer.


Austin’s 7744 Ranch offers a unique twist on glamping by providing guests with the chance to stay in luxury RVs once owned by A-list celebrities. The pandemic prompted the Andersons to transform their business and create a resort that allows people to experience the lavishness of these trailers at an affordable price. From the sheer size and livability to the personalized touches reflecting their previous owners, these celebrity RVs offer a glimpse into the world of the rich and famous. Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a desire for a private retreat, 7744 Ranch provides an opportunity to indulge in the glamping lifestyle while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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