Celebrity Beauty Inspiration: Velvety Lips, Sculpted Contours, and Twisted Hairdos

Celebrity Beauty Inspiration: Velvety Lips, Sculpted Contours, and Twisted Hairdos

Our favorite it-girls serve up stunning beauty looks on Instagram

From front-row fashion shows to intimate birthday celebrations, Instagram has become a platform for our favorite it-girls to showcase their latest beauty inspirations. This week, they did not disappoint, offering a plethora of velvety lip looks, extra-sculpted contours, and twisted hairdos. If you’re looking to revamp your beauty routine this year, take note of these stunning celebrity looks that are sure to inspire.

Sabrina Elba’s Blush-Contoured Cheeks and Matte Caramel Lip

At the top of our feed, Sabrina Elba attended the Gucci Men’s show with her husband, Idris Elba, sporting a flawless makeup look. Her blush-contoured cheeks added a touch of warmth to her complexion, while a matte caramel lip gave her a sophisticated and chic vibe. Sabrina’s beauty look is a perfect example of how to achieve a subtle yet impactful makeup look.

Lizzo’s Velvety Chocolate Brown Lip and Coquettish Braided Buns

Lizzo, known for her bold and fearless style, posted a stunning beauty look on Instagram this week. She rocked a velvety chocolate brown lip, which perfectly complemented her skin tone. The heavy blush added a touch of playfulness to her overall look. Lizzo completed her hairstyle with coquettish braided buns, adding a fun and whimsical element to her beauty ensemble.

JT’s Square Pink-Jeweled Tips and Brown-Toned Blush

The City Girls’ JT showcased her creativity with a unique beauty look on Instagram. She was seen rubbing Kali Uchis’ pregnant belly, sporting square, pink-jeweled tips on her nails. Her white eyeshadow and brown-toned blush added a soft and feminine touch to her overall appearance. JT’s beauty look is a testament to the power of self-expression through makeup.

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Lori Harvey’s Light Green Speckled Eyeliner and Tousled Curls

Lori Harvey celebrated her 27th birthday this week with an intimate dinner at home. She mesmerized her followers with a stunning beauty look featuring light green, speckled eyeliner. This unexpected pop of color added a playful and youthful vibe to her makeup. Lori’s tousled curls and glossed lip completed her effortlessly chic birthday look.

Justine Skye’s Slicked Back Bun and Baby Blue Nails

Justine Skye, a close friend of Lori Harvey, attended her birthday celebration in style. She arrived with a sleek and polished beauty look, featuring a slicked back bun that showcased her flawless face. Her baby blue nails added a touch of elegance and sophistication to her overall appearance. Justine’s beauty look is a perfect example of understated glamour.

Saweetie’s Girlish Pigtails with Contoured Highlighter and Winged Liner

Saweetie, known for her bold and daring beauty looks, opted for a more playful hairstyle this week. She tied her hair up in girlish pigtails, adding a youthful and fun element to her overall look. Her contoured highlighter and winged liner added a touch of glamour and sophistication to her makeup. Saweetie’s beauty look is a perfect blend of playfulness and elegance.


Instagram continues to be a platform for our favorite it-girls to showcase their stunning beauty inspirations. From velvety lip looks to sculpted contours and twisted hairdos, these celebrities provide a wealth of inspiration for anyone looking to revamp their beauty routine. Whether it’s Sabrina Elba’s blush-contoured cheeks or Lizzo’s coquettish braided buns, these beauty looks are sure to inspire and captivate. So, take note and get ready to experiment with your own unique beauty creations.

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