Josie Gibson Voted Out of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2023

Josie Gibson Voted Out of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! 2023

This Morning star Josie Gibson becomes the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the popular reality show, leaving three celebrities to battle it out in the grand finale.

In a dramatic semi-final episode of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2023, Josie Gibson, known for her role on This Morning, was voted out of the jungle, leaving Tony Bellew, Sam Thompson, and Nigel Farage as the final three contestants. With just one day left until the winner is crowned, the competition is heating up. Let’s take a closer look at Gibson’s journey and her experiences in the jungle.

1: A Phobia of Spiders and Unexpected Strength

Throughout her time in the jungle, Gibson faced her biggest fear – spiders. She admitted to having a massive phobia of the eight-legged creatures, and the Australian spiders only intensified her fear. However, despite her fears, Gibson surprised herself with her strength and resilience. She reflected on her experience, stating that she would be less scared of house spiders after her time in the jungle.

2: Last Woman Standing and Bonding with the Boys

As the last woman left in the competition, Gibson embraced her role as a “girl’s girl” but also enjoyed her final days with the remaining male contestants. She spoke about the challenges and trials, comparing them to horror films. Despite the difficulties, Gibson proved she was stronger than she initially thought, showcasing her determination and perseverance.

3: The Battle of the Chefs and Unaired Showdown

Gibson’s time in the jungle wasn’t without its conflicts. She clashed with Fred Sirieix, known for his role on First Dates, over who was the self-nominated head chef at camp. Their disagreement reached a boiling point when Sirieix attempted to coach Gibson on making bean fritters. While their clash was not aired on the show, Gibson revealed that she eventually “put him straight” and joked that everyone enjoyed her food more.

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4: Memorable Moments and Bonding with Campmates

Gibson’s time in the jungle was filled with memorable moments. From mistaking the word “emancipation” for “masturbation” during a serious conversation to her screams at the sight of large spiders, she provided plenty of entertainment for viewers. She also formed close bonds with her fellow campmates, particularly EastEnders star Danielle Harold.

5: Celebrity Cyclone Victory and Final Showdown

In the semi-final episode, the celebrities triumphed in the Celebrity Cyclone challenge. Clad in shiny Lycra hotpants, they collected stars while being pelted with water jets and inflatable objects. The challenge showcased the contestants’ determination and teamwork as they fought for a place in the final.


As Josie Gibson bids farewell to the jungle, the stage is set for the grand finale of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2023. With Tony Bellew, Sam Thompson, and Nigel Farage remaining, the competition is fierce. Who will be crowned the King or Queen of the Jungle? Tune in to the live final on Sunday to find out.