Celebrity Beauty Roundup: A Week of Glamorous Hair and Makeup Inspo

Celebrity Beauty Roundup: A Week of Glamorous Hair and Makeup Inspo

From luminous skin to creative hairstyles, celebrities kick off the year with stunning beauty looks

The first week of the year witnessed an array of stunning beauty looks from celebrities, serving as inspiration for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. From luminous skin and shiny lips to full lashes and soft neutrals, celebrities showcased their beauty intentions for 2024. Not only did they experiment with makeup, but they also got creative with their hairstyles, flaunting everything from braids and lace fronts to locs and fish tails. Let’s dive into the captivating beauty moments that unfolded this week.

Michaela Coel Web’s Carousel of Beauty Looks

Michaela Coel Web stole the spotlight with a carousel of beauty looks that left everyone in awe. On the cover, she rocked mauve shadows that beautifully complemented her glowing, contoured skin. Laminated brows added an extra touch of elegance to her overall look. Coel Web’s beauty choices showcased her versatility and creativity, setting the bar high for beauty trends in 2024.

Luminous Minimalism: Lizzo, Jordyn Woods, and Taraji P. Henson

Lizzo, Jordyn Woods, and Taraji P. Henson embraced the power of minimalism, proving that less can indeed be more. Showcasing their next-to-no makeup looks, they let their natural beauty shine through. Voluminous mascara became the conversation starter, enhancing their lashes and adding a touch of glamour to their fresh-faced appearances. These celebrities reminded us that sometimes, all you need is a little mascara to make a statement.

Beyoncé’s Platinum Blonde Moment

While Beyoncé kicked off the year with her signature platinum blonde hair, other celebrities opted for more unconventional hair looks. Justine Skye, for instance, sported a classic braided bun, exuding elegance and sophistication. Coco Jones celebrated her birthday with a long, middle-part wig, embracing a different persona for the special occasion. Lizzo, on the other hand, chose a locked updo, showcasing her versatility and willingness to experiment with her hairstyles.

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The first week of the year showcased an array of glamorous beauty looks from celebrities, inspiring beauty enthusiasts worldwide. From Michaela Coel Web’s versatile beauty moments to the luminous minimalism of Lizzo, Jordyn Woods, and Taraji P. Henson, these celebrities proved that beauty comes in many forms. While Beyoncé embraced her signature platinum blonde hair, others like Justine Skye, Coco Jones, and Lizzo opted for more creative and unique hairstyles. As we head into the weekend, let these stunning beauty moments serve as inspiration for your own makeup and hair choices, and embrace the power of self-expression through beauty.