Zendaya Debuts Unexpected Goth Hairstyle at Paris Haute Couture Show

Zendaya Debuts Unexpected Goth Hairstyle at Paris Haute Couture Show

The actress surprises fans with a daring new look at the Schiaparelli show

Paying attention to the latest haute couture shows in Paris may not always result in real-life fashion inspiration, but it certainly never fails to provide celebrity beauty inspiration. At this morning’s Schiaparelli show, Jennifer Lopez revealed a drastic new haircut, but it was Zendaya who stole the spotlight with a hairstyle no one could have predicted. The actress, known for her ever-changing hairstyles, shocked fans by debuting a goth-inspired look that left everyone in awe.

Embracing Change: Zendaya’s Hair Transformations

Zendaya has never been one to shy away from experimenting with her hair. From sleek bobs to super-long waves, she has constantly kept her fans guessing. However, nothing could have prepared us for the bold transformation she unveiled at the Schiaparelli show. The actress arrived with her hair extra-straight and long, reaching about mid-back. While from behind, it may have seemed like a typical hairstyle, from the front and sides, it was a show-stopping look that left everyone in awe.

A Gothic Twist: Zendaya’s Unexpected Bangs

The most striking aspect of Zendaya’s new hairstyle was her baby bangs, which were shaped into a point reminiscent of the iconic triangle bangs often associated with goth girls. This unexpected choice added an edgy and mysterious vibe to her overall look. Two sideburn-like strands, which we can refer to as temple tendrils, framed her face, further enhancing the gothic aesthetic. Despite the windy weather, Zendaya managed to hold them down, showcasing her commitment to the unique style.

Redefining Beauty Standards: Zendaya’s Fearless Approach

Zendaya’s daring hairstyle choice at the Schiaparelli show is a testament to her fearless approach to beauty and her willingness to push boundaries. Throughout her career, she has consistently challenged conventional beauty standards, using her platform to inspire others to embrace their individuality. This goth-inspired look showcases her versatility as an actress and her ability to transform herself both on and off the red carpet.

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Celebrity Influence: Inspiring the Next Hair Trend?

Zendaya’s hairstyles have often sparked trends in the past, with fans rushing to recreate her iconic looks. While it remains to be seen whether her goth-inspired hairstyle will have the same impact, it undoubtedly adds an exciting twist to the current hair trends. With its edgy and unconventional appeal, it may encourage others to experiment with their own hairstyles, breaking free from traditional norms.


Zendaya’s unexpected goth-inspired hairstyle at the Schiaparelli show in Paris has once again proven her ability to surprise and captivate audiences. Her fearless approach to beauty and her willingness to push boundaries continue to inspire fans around the world. As we eagerly anticipate her next transformation, one thing is certain: Zendaya’s influence on the world of fashion and beauty is far from over.