I’m a Celebrity: Is it Time to Bid Farewell to the Show?

I'm a Celebrity: Is it Time to Bid Farewell to the Show?

Nigel Farage’s lackluster appearance and renewed animal welfare concerns raise questions about the future of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

The latest season of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! was expected to be a game-changer with the inclusion of controversial politician Nigel Farage. However, the show’s ratings have taken a nosedive, and Farage’s impact has been far from electrifying. As viewership dwindles and concerns over animal welfare resurface, it begs the question: is it time to bid farewell to the long-running reality TV series?

Farage’s Underwhelming Presence

Unlike previous appearances of politicians on the show, Farage’s stint has failed to captivate audiences. With a staggering drop in viewership compared to the previous year, it appears that Farage’s presence has repelled rather than attracted viewers. His campmates have opted for quiet civility over open aggression, leaving Farage to be the proverbial unwanted guest at the dinner table. ITV’s hefty £1.5m investment in Farage’s appearance has proven to be a remarkably bad decision.

Ant and Dec’s Plea for Change

Even the show’s hosts, Ant and Dec, have openly advocated for a temporary ban on politicians participating in the show. In an Instagram live session, they expressed their frustration with politicians using the show as a platform for rehabilitation. The hosts’ plea for change reflects their discomfort with the current formula and the potential consequences of having to interact with controversial figures like Farage.

Animal Welfare Concerns Amplified

In addition to the lackluster political presence, I’m a Celebrity is facing renewed criticism over its treatment of animals. Chris Packham’s open letter condemning the show’s “appalling abuse of animals” has brought the long-standing issue into the spotlight. The RSPCA has been campaigning for an end to the practice of subjecting animals to distressing situations for entertainment purposes. Last year, the show received 17,000 complaints to Ofcom regarding animal welfare. Packham’s letter is likely to increase public outcry this year.

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A Relic of a Bygone Era

I’m a Celebrity has come to symbolize the worst aspects of 2000s entertainment, characterized by casual cruelty, thirst for confrontation, and a disregard for animal safety. The decline in ratings suggests that viewers are growing tired of this formula. The show faces a critical juncture, with two possible paths forward.


As I’m a Celebrity grapples with declining ratings and mounting concerns over animal welfare, it faces a pivotal decision. The show can either undergo a radical transformation by eliminating politicians and prioritizing the well-being of animals, or it can gracefully bow out. No television program can last indefinitely, and the writing on the wall suggests that it may already be too late for I’m a Celebrity to salvage its reputation. The time may have come to bid farewell to this once-popular reality TV phenomenon.