The Week’s Best Beauty Instagrams: A Glimpse into Seasonal Glamour and Self-Care

The Week's Best Beauty Instagrams: A Glimpse into Seasonal Glamour and Self-Care

As the year comes to a close, beauty enthusiasts and celebrities alike took to Instagram to showcase their stunning looks and self-care routines. From Selena Gomez’s glamorous makeup to Halle Bailey’s natural hair texture, these Instagram posts offered a glimpse into the perfect balance between seasonal glamour and the relaxed vibes of the holiday season. Let’s dive into the best beauty Instagrams of the week and get inspired by these stunning looks.

Selena Gomez’s Alluring Glamour

Selena Gomez’s Instagram post captured everyone’s attention with her honey-ribboned mane, feathery brows, and lashes. She completed the look with over-lined cherry Coke lips, exuding a sense of timeless glamour. Gomez’s choice to embrace classic beauty while staying on-trend showcased her ability to effortlessly combine elegance and modernity.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Holiday Glam

Hailee Steinfeld’s holiday glam look was nothing short of stunning. With a swing of liquid liner, glossy peach lips, and an onyx manicure, Steinfeld radiated festive vibes. Her Instagram post reminded us that even during a hectic time of year, taking a moment to indulge in a little glam can make all the difference in feeling fabulous.

Halle Bailey’s Natural Hair Texture

Halle Bailey shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her natural hair texture while working on The Color Purple. She showcased her brushed-up, braided, and subsequently wavy hair, topped off with stylish straw hats. Bailey’s post celebrated the beauty of embracing one’s natural hair and the versatility it offers.

Justine Skye’s High-Drama Plaited Pigtails

Justine Skye demonstrated the power of high-drama plaited pigtails in her Instagram post. With intricate braids and a flawless makeup look, Skye showcased a hairstyle that exuded confidence and creativity. Her post served as a reminder that experimenting with different hairstyles can be a form of self-expression.

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Betina Goldstein’s Artistic Nail Designs

Nail artist Betina Goldstein took us on a journey through her most noteworthy designs in a retrospective Instagram post. From popcorn to martini olives and even gym socks, Goldstein’s creativity knows no bounds. Her post highlighted the artistry and innovation that can be achieved through nail design.

Ciara’s Gentle Self-Care Reminder

Ciara shared a gentle self-care reminder for new moms in her Instagram post. With a nearly-naked face, she emphasized the importance of taking time for oneself amidst the demands of motherhood. Ciara’s post served as a reminder that self-care is essential for overall well-being.

Marc Jacobs’ “Reading Hour” Series

Marc Jacobs’ “Reading Hour” series continued to captivate with its sleek hair and chrome manicure. The series, which features Jacobs immersed in a book, provided inspiration for a long weekend spent indulging in literature. Jacobs’ post reminded us of the joy and escape that can be found within the pages of a good book.


The best beauty Instagrams of the week showcased a range of looks and self-care routines, combining seasonal glamour with a sense of relaxation. From Selena Gomez’s glamorous makeup to Halle Bailey’s celebration of natural hair, these Instagram posts offered inspiration and a reminder of the importance of self-expression and self-care. As we bid farewell to the year, let these beauty moments inspire us to embrace our individuality and find joy in the little things.