Celebrity Beauty Takes Center Stage at Haute Couture Week in Paris

Celebrity Beauty Takes Center Stage at Haute Couture Week in Paris

From front row beauty looks to emerging trends, the latest edition of haute couture week in Paris showcased a plethora of stunning celebrity beauty moments.

The fashion world was abuzz this week as haute couture week took center stage in Paris. While the runway shows featured exquisite designs and breathtaking creations, the front row was equally captivating with a parade of celebrity beauty looks. From bold brows to luminous cheeks, the week was filled with standout moments that left fashion and beauty enthusiasts in awe. In this article, we will delve into some of the most notable celebrity beauty moments from this year’s haute couture week.

Zendaya’s Angled-Bang Moment and the Return of Full Brows

Zendaya, the beloved star of Euphoria, made a statement as she arrived at the Schiaparelli front row with a chic short angled-bang hairstyle. However, it was her soft beauty look that truly caught everyone’s attention. Zendaya’s full brows confirmed that this trend is making a comeback. Joining her in embracing bold brows were Imaan Hammam and Jordyn Woods, who complemented their fluffed browbones with silky, out-of-face hair looks. The trend was also seen on Sheila Atim, who took inspiration from the Jean Paul Gaultier runway with a discreet window peak hairstyle.

Naomi Campbell’s Timeless Beauty Look at Chanel

No fashion week is complete without the presence of supermodel Naomi Campbell. At the Chanel show, Campbell stunned with her timeless beauty look. Gold-shimmer shadows accentuated her eyes, while her lip lines were flawlessly blended. Campbell’s ability to effortlessly exude elegance and sophistication reaffirmed her status as a fashion icon.

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The Radiant Glow of Halle Bailey, Sabrina Elba, and PinkPatheress

Halle Bailey, known for her role in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” showcased a radiant motherhood glow during haute couture week. Her luminous complexion was reminiscent of Sabrina Elba and singer PinkPatheress, who also sported dewy and glowing cheeks. This trend of natural, lit-from-within skin added a touch of ethereal beauty to the week’s celebrity looks.


Haute couture week in Paris not only showcased stunning fashion creations but also provided a platform for celebrity beauty moments to shine. From Zendaya’s bold brows to Naomi Campbell’s timeless elegance, each celebrity brought their unique style and flair to the front row. The return of full brows and the emphasis on luminous skin added a refreshing twist to the beauty trends of the season. As the week came to a close, fashion and beauty enthusiasts were left inspired and eager to recreate these captivating looks.