Tate McRae’s Skincare and Sun-Kissed Glam Makeup Routine: A Journey to Self-Care

Tate McRae's Skincare and Sun-Kissed Glam Makeup Routine: A Journey to Self-Care

The rising star shares her newfound love for skincare and her quick and easy sun-kissed glam makeup routine.

At just 20 years old, Tate McRae has already made a name for herself in the music industry. But amidst her busy schedule, she has also discovered the importance of self-care, particularly in skincare and makeup. In this article, we delve into McRae’s skincare journey and her quick and effortless sun-kissed glam makeup routine.

Discovering the Power of Skincare

McRae confesses that she was a latecomer to the world of skincare, having relied solely on water for most of her life. However, she has now become well-versed in the reparative powers of a good serum and the benefits of a consistent skincare routine. She starts her routine with Augustinus Bader’s serum, followed by rose-pink eye patches to combat any signs of fatigue. To enhance circulation, McRae uses a jade roller, a technique she has found to be beneficial for her acne-prone complexion.

Nourishing and Protecting the Skin

Living in Calgary, Canada, where the climate is exceptionally dry, McRae understands the importance of deep moisturization. She opts for Augustinus Bader face cream, known for its rich formulation. Sunscreen, lip balm, and face mist are essential steps in her skincare routine to protect her skin from environmental damage. With her skin prepped and nourished, McRae is ready to move on to her sun-kissed glam makeup routine.

Effortless Sun-Kissed Glam Makeup

McRae’s makeup routine is all about achieving a natural, sun-kissed glow. She starts by applying Drunk Elephant’s illuminating drops to add a touch of bronze to her complexion. The lightweight Chanel Les Beiges foundation is her go-to choice, ensuring a natural and non-cakey finish. With Charlotte Tilbury’s brow gel, she fluffs up her brows, creating a defined yet natural look. Swirling bronzing powder onto her cheeks, McRae adds a subtle warmth to her face.

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Signature Sun-Kissed Techniques

To achieve her signature sun-kissed look, McRae takes a unique approach. Instead of using blush, she dots NARS’s creamy concealer on her T-zone and then dusts bronzer across the bridge of her nose. This technique gives her a natural, sun-kissed appearance. Highlighter is the final touch, adding a subtle glow to her complexion. McRae then reaches for her YSL eyeshadow palette, applying a shimmering champagne hue to the front of her eyes for a touch of sparkle.


Tate McRae’s skincare and sun-kissed glam makeup routine showcase her commitment to self-care and her ability to effortlessly enhance her natural beauty. From her newfound love for skincare to her signature sun-kissed techniques, McRae’s routine is a testament to the power of taking care of oneself. Whether she’s on tour or getting ready for a performance, McRae proves that a few simple steps can make a world of difference in achieving a radiant and confident look.