Celebrity Dermatologist Alex Khadavi Dies at 50

Celebrity Dermatologist Alex Khadavi Dies at 50

Renowned dermatologist known for celebrity clientele and skincare line passes away

Dr. Alex Khadavi, a prominent celebrity dermatologist, has tragically passed away at the age of 50. The news was shared on his Instagram page, leaving his followers and patients in shock. While the cause of death was not revealed in the announcement, reports suggest that he had been battling stage 4 liver cancer. Khadavi was widely recognized for his work with celebrity clients and his successful skincare line, which garnered attention from influencers and the Kardashians. However, his life was not without controversy, as he faced legal issues and bankruptcy in recent years.

A Dermatologist to the Stars

Khadavi’s dermatology clinic in Los Angeles boasted an impressive roster of celebrity patients, including reality TV personality Scott Disick, actor David Hasselhoff, and NSYNC singer Lance Bass. His expertise and talent made him a sought-after dermatologist in Hollywood. Additionally, Khadavi’s skincare line gained popularity, with endorsements from the Kardashians and other influential figures. He was known for his innovative approaches to skincare and his ability to deliver remarkable results to his clients.

Controversial Incidents

Despite his success in the dermatology field, Khadavi’s life was not without controversy. In 2021, a video surfaced of him engaging in a homophobic rant about his neighbors. The incident led to his arrest and the filing of a restraining order against him. It was a shocking revelation, particularly considering Khadavi’s own reported sexual orientation. In 2016, he also faced a restraining order from Million Dollar Listing stars and real estate businessmen, Josh and Matt Altman, after allegedly making antisemitic comments at a real estate event. These incidents tarnished his reputation and raised questions about his character.

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Bankruptcy and Failed Megamansion Project

In addition to his legal troubles, Khadavi faced financial difficulties. In 2020, he filed for bankruptcy following the failure of a megamansion project in Bel Air. The property, which he purchased in 2013 with the intention of transforming it into an extravagant $87 million home, did not meet expectations. Despite his ambitious plans, the mansion sold for only $45.8 million, less than half of the initial asking price. The bankruptcy filing marked a significant setback for Khadavi, both personally and professionally.


The sudden passing of Dr. Alex Khadavi has left a void in the dermatology community and among his celebrity clients. While he was known for his talent and expertise in the field, his life was marred by controversy and financial struggles. Khadavi’s legacy will be remembered for his contributions to skincare and his work with high-profile individuals. However, his legal issues and bankruptcy serve as a reminder that even those in the public eye face personal challenges. The dermatology world mourns the loss of a talented practitioner, and his patients and followers express their condolences for the untimely death of Dr. Alex Khadavi.

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