Celebrity Beauty Looks: A Weekend of Posh and Proper Glam

From fairy-like beauty to pre-Grammy Gala glam, celebrities showcased stunning beauty looks over the weekend.

This past weekend, celebrities graced the red carpet and social media with an array of head-turning beauty moments. From ethereal fairy-like beauty to sophisticated pre-Grammy Gala glam, these looks set the stage for upcoming awards shows, cocktail parties, and fashion weeks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout celebrity beauty looks that had us double-tapping and adding to our mood boards.

Ice Spice’s Opalescent Glow and Silk Press

Rapper Ice Spice stole the show with her mesmerizing beauty look. She embraced the trend of opalescent, shimmery cheeks, creating an otherworldly glow. Paired with a sleek silk press hairstyle and swooped-bangs, Ice Spice exuded elegance and individuality.

Saweetie and Tyla’s Sparkly Pale Pink Glam

Artists Saweetie and Tyla opted for sparkly pale pink beauty looks, adding a touch of posh body glitter and contoured blush. Their ethereal and feminine looks were a perfect blend of glamour and sophistication, inspiring many to recreate the dreamy aesthetic.

Keke Palmer’s Pink Nail Polish and Soft Lips

Keke Palmer embraced Ice Spice’s beauty aesthetic, showcasing pink nail polish and warm eyeshadows. Her soft lips and fluffy lashes added a touch of innocence and playfulness to her overall look, making her a standout on the red carpet.

Pre-Grammy Gala Glam: Muted Accords and Personalized Touches

At the pre-Grammy Gala, celebrities such as Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland opted for brown-toned makeup looks. These muted accords created a sophisticated and timeless vibe, while each artist added their own personal touches to make their looks unique. Chloe Bailey’s white-filled wing and Halle Bailey’s matte nude lipstick were among the variations that stood out.

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Hair Highlights: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Slicked-Back Blunt Bob and CityGirl JT’s Diva-Pumped Hair-Wrapped Ponytail

While the makeup looks were on a muted accord, the hairstyles added a personalized touch to each celebrity’s overall look. Tracee Ellis Ross rocked a sleek and chic slicked-back blunt bob, perfectly complementing her sophisticated makeup. CityGirl JT opted for a diva-pumped hair-wrapped ponytail, adding a touch of glamour and playfulness to her ensemble.


This weekend was filled with captivating celebrity beauty looks that left us in awe. From Ice Spice’s opalescent glow to the muted accords of the pre-Grammy Gala, these looks showcased the posh and proper side of beauty. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next red carpet event or simply want to elevate your everyday glam, these celebrity beauty looks offer a wealth of ideas. So go ahead, embrace your inner fairy or channel your inner diva, and let these stunning looks inspire your own beauty journey.