Celebrity Beauty Moments: A Glamorous Start to 2024

Celebrity Beauty Moments: A Glamorous Start to 2024

From cat eyes to strawberry red blush, celebrities kick off the year with stunning beauty looks.

The new year brings with it a fresh wave of beauty trends and inspiration, and celebrities wasted no time in showcasing their first glam moments of 2024. From Fantasia’s classic beat to Cardi B’s attention-grabbing eye look, these stars set the stage for what’s to come in the world of beauty. Let’s dive into the top 10 celebrity beauty moments from the weekend and get ready to be inspired.

1: Fantasia’s Classic Beat

Fantasia stepped out with a timeless and elegant look, sporting a classic beat that emphasized her features. Her cat-eye flick, long lashes, luminous highlighter, and deep-toned blush perfectly complemented her radiant complexion. It was a reminder that sometimes, sticking to the classics can be the most stunning choice.

2: Coquettish Cheeks with Strawberry Red Blush

Joining the trend of flushed cheeks, Coco Jones, Lizzo, and Tems opted for a coquettish look with a flush of strawberry red blush. This bold choice added a pop of color to their faces and is expected to be a popular trend throughout the year. It’s a playful and flirty way to enhance the natural beauty of the cheeks.

3: Embracing Natural Radiance

For Justine Skye and sister duo Ming and Aoki Lee Simmons, the focus was on embracing their natural radiance. With minimal makeup, they let their sun-kissed skin take center stage. This au naturel approach celebrates the beauty of bare skin and encourages self-acceptance.

4: Cardi B’s Eye-Catching Look

Cardi B knows how to make a statement, and her first glam moment of 2024 was no exception. She drew attention to her eyes with angled eyebrows, blue contacts, and voluminous lashes. This bold eye look added drama and intensity, perfectly complementing her side part and medium-length barrel curls.

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5: Megan Thee Stallion’s Middle-Part Buss Down

Megan Thee Stallion turned heads with her middle-part buss down hairstyle that cascaded down to her thighs. This sleek and glamorous look exuded confidence and showcased her fierce personality. It’s a hairstyle that demands attention and sets the tone for a powerful year ahead.

6: Keke Palmer’s Silk Press

While protective wigs are a staple in the beauty world, Keke Palmer decided to switch things up for the new year. She removed her install and opted for a silk press, with flipped ends, to ring in 2024. This chic and polished look highlights the beauty of natural hair and celebrates versatility.


The start of 2024 has brought us an array of stunning celebrity beauty moments. From classic beats to bold eye looks and natural radiance, these stars are setting the stage for the year ahead. Whether you’re inspired by Fantasia’s timeless elegance or Cardi B’s eye-catching style, there’s something for everyone to try. Let these celebrity beauty moments be your guide as you experiment and find your own unique glam for the year.