Nella Rose Breaks Silence on Dramatic I’m A Celebrity Experience

Nella Rose Breaks Silence on Dramatic I'm A Celebrity Experience

Influencer Nella Rose opens up about the misunderstandings, drama, and friendships in the jungle

After her exit from I’m A Celebrity, Nella Rose has finally broken her silence in an interview with Emma Willis and Rylan on This Morning. Dialing in from Australia, the social media star reflects on her rows with Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage, as well as her role in the camp drama. With time to reflect on her experiences, Rose shares her thoughts on the misunderstandings and reveals her true feelings about her time in the jungle.

A “Big Fat Misunderstanding” with Fred Sirieix

In a surprising turn of events, Rose admits that her row with Fred Sirieix was a “big fat misunderstanding.” Just days prior, she had claimed that Sirieix made her life hell after he playfully mentioned their age difference, triggering painful memories of her late father. However, Rose now clarifies that they have made amends and moved past their differences. She acknowledges that everything is intensified in the jungle and that she understands the nature of TV.

Stirring the Pot and Making Josie Gibson the Camp Chef

Rose admits to enjoying the drama in the jungle and even confesses to intentionally stirring the pot. She reveals that she loved the entertainment value of the conflicts and took pleasure in creating tension among her fellow campmates. One notable incident involved making Josie Gibson the camp chef, which sparked a heated argument between Gibson and Sirieix.

Ending a Friendship with Nigel Farage

In addition to her disagreements with Sirieix, Rose also discusses her friendship with Nigel Farage. The two had multiple fallouts, one over immigration and another over cultural appropriation. Rose acknowledges the importance of having conversations about these topics and believes that it’s essential to hear different opinions. Despite their differences, she emphasizes that no one gets hurt and that it’s okay to agree to disagree.

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Embracing Life Outside the Jungle

Since leaving the jungle, Rose exudes happiness and contentment. She shares that she has been enjoying all her favorite treats and spending time with her family in Australia. Reflecting on her time in I’m A Celebrity, Rose expresses her satisfaction with the experience. She pushed herself to the limits, conquered her fears, and has no regrets about participating in the show.

Conclusion: Nella Rose’s interview offers insights into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of I’m A Celebrity and sheds light on the misunderstandings and drama that unfolded in the jungle. Despite the conflicts, Rose celebrates her time on the show and the friendships she formed. Her candidness and self-awareness provide a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of being a contestant on I’m A Celebrity, leaving viewers with a sense of admiration for her resilience and authenticity.