Animoca Brands to Become Largest Validator on TON Blockchain, Bringing Blockchain-Based Games to Telegram Users

Animoca Brands to Become Largest Validator on TON Blockchain, Bringing Blockchain-Based Games to Telegram Users

Web3 investment firm Animoca Brands has announced a partnership with The Open Network (TON) blockchain to deliver blockchain-based games to Telegram’s 800 million users.

Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 investment firm, is set to become the largest validator on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. The partnership aims to bring blockchain-based games to Telegram’s massive user base of 800 million. Animoca Brands will provide funding, research, and an analytics platform for third-party TON ecosystem applications. The investment, which includes staking Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of TON, highlights Animoca Brands’ commitment to driving adoption and the transition to Web3.

Strategic Support for TON Play and Porting of Games

Animoca Brands plans to strategically support TON Play, a gaming infrastructure project built on the TON blockchain. TON Play allows developers to build gaming applications on the TON blockchain and launch them on Telegram. The infrastructure also enables the porting of existing web-based games to the messaging app, expanding the gaming options available to Telegram users. Animoca Brands will explore the possibility of porting a selection of its gaming titles and applications from its portfolio of over 400 Web3 projects to Telegram.

TON Analytics Dashboard and Research Reports

Animoca Brands Research has developed its own TON Analytics Dashboard, which gathers metrics from various networks within the TON ecosystem, including TON Blockchain, TON DNS, TON Storage, and TON Sites. This analytics platform will provide valuable insights into the TON ecosystem’s performance and growth. Animoca Brands Research will also produce in-depth research reports, offering a comprehensive understanding of TON’s open internet ecosystem. These reports and analytics will play a crucial role in integrating Web3 functionality into the everyday experiences of Telegram users.

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Growth Potential for TON-Based Games

Animoca Brands has identified significant growth potential for gaming within the TON ecosystem. With the aim of driving the development of TON-based games, Animoca Brands plans to leverage its expertise and extensive portfolio of Web3 projects. The partnership with TON marks Animoca Brands’ second instance of becoming a validator of a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, following its participation as a validator for Chiliz Chain in November 2023.


Animoca Brands’ partnership with TON represents a significant step towards bringing blockchain-based games to a massive user base. By becoming the largest validator on the TON blockchain, Animoca Brands aims to drive adoption and the transition from Web2 to Web3. With strategic support for TON Play and the possibility of porting existing games to Telegram, Animoca Brands is well-positioned to tap into the immense potential of the TON ecosystem. As Web3 continues to gain traction, partnerships like this highlight the growing intersection between blockchain technology and mainstream applications.