Bitcoin User Commemorates Speculation of Second ETF Approval with Blockchain Message

Bitcoin User Commemorates Speculation of Second ETF Approval with Blockchain Message

A Bitcoin user memorializes the anticipation of a potential Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval by inserting a message into the blockchain.

In a unique nod to the ongoing speculation surrounding the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), a Bitcoin user has decided to etch a message into the blockchain. This commemorative act mirrors the famous inscription by Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who inserted the text “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” into the first Bitcoin block. The recent message, which reads “SEC Chairman on the brink of second ETF approval,” was confirmed in a transaction on January 9 at 7:24 pm UTC. This gesture highlights the fervent anticipation surrounding the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Significance of the Message

The text inserted into the blockchain echoes Satoshi Nakamoto’s original inscription, drawing attention to the potential approval of a second Bitcoin ETF. While the SEC has not yet approved any spot Bitcoin ETFs, it did grant approval for the first Bitcoin futures ETF in October 2021. This distinction may explain why the author of the recent message referred to the “second ETF approval” as being “on the brink,” rather than the first. The inclusion of the word “second” could also be a deliberate nod to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original inscription, adding a touch of similarity and historical significance to the message.

False Announcement and SEC Account Compromise

Just hours before the commemorative message was posted, the SEC’s official account, known as the X account, shared a message claiming that all spot Bitcoin ETFs had been approved. However, this news was quickly debunked by SEC Chair Gary Gensler, who promptly posted a message contradicting the false announcement. Gensler also revealed that the SEC’s account had been compromised, leading to the dissemination of inaccurate information. In response to this incident, three U.S. senators have called for Gensler to provide a detailed report on how the hack was allowed to occur, highlighting concerns over cybersecurity and the potential impact of false information on the market.

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The Significance of Blockchain Commemoration

The act of inserting a message into the blockchain serves as a testament to the immutable nature of the technology. By etching the text into the OP_RETURN field of a transaction, the message is preserved indefinitely within the Bitcoin blockchain. This form of commemoration allows individuals to mark significant events or express their thoughts within the decentralized network, ensuring that the message remains accessible as long as the blockchain exists. The use of blockchain as a platform for memorialization showcases the versatility and potential of this groundbreaking technology beyond its traditional financial applications.

Implications for Bitcoin ETF Approval

The insertion of the commemorative message into the blockchain underscores the heightened interest and anticipation surrounding the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. While the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies remains complex and evolving, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF could have far-reaching implications for the broader adoption and acceptance of digital assets. A regulated ETF would provide institutional and retail investors with a more accessible and familiar entry point into the cryptocurrency market, potentially driving increased liquidity and stability. However, the SEC continues to scrutinize the industry for potential risks and market manipulation, emphasizing the need for robust regulatory frameworks to safeguard investors’ interests.


The act of inserting a message into the blockchain to commemorate the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF highlights the excitement and speculation surrounding this significant development. As the SEC deliberates on the possibility of approving a Bitcoin ETF, the insertion of the message serves as a symbolic gesture, echoing the original inscription by Satoshi Nakamoto and emphasizing the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies. While the recent false announcement and SEC account compromise raise concerns about cybersecurity and the dissemination of accurate information, the commemorative act showcases the immutable and versatile nature of blockchain technology. Ultimately, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF could pave the way for increased adoption and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies, but it remains to be seen how regulators will navigate the complex landscape of digital assets.

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