Expands Team and Eyes International Expansion Expands Team and Eyes International Expansion

Crypto wallet provider hires new senior vice president and plans to grow its workforce by 25% in Q1 2024, while also setting its sights on Nigeria and Turkey., a leading crypto wallet provider, is making significant moves to strengthen its position in the industry. After a challenging start to 2023, which saw layoffs and a lower valuation, the company has rebounded with a successful funding round and new strategic hires. With plans for expansion into emerging markets and the addition of key talent, is positioning itself for growth and success in the evolving crypto landscape.’s Recent Developments:

In a recent report from Bloomberg, it was revealed that has hired Curtis Ting as its new senior vice president of business operations. Ting, who brings extensive experience in global expansion from his time at Kraken and the FBI, will play a crucial role in the company’s growth plans. Furthermore, is actively seeking to establish local entities in various European cities, with a new hub in Paris being set up under Ting’s guidance.

The company’s positive trajectory is also reflected in its plans to expand its workforce by 25% in the first quarter of 2024. This growth comes after a period of staff reductions in early 2023. The hiring spree includes positions in Paris, Vilnius, Dallas, Singapore, and London, indicating a global focus for’s expansion efforts.

Expansion into Nigeria and Turkey: is not only looking to expand its team but also its reach into new markets. The company has set its sights on Nigeria and Turkey, two countries with rapidly growing crypto adoption rates. By entering these markets, aims to tap into the increasing demand for crypto wallets and services, providing users in these regions with secure and user-friendly solutions.

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The Impact of Recent Changes:’s recent funding round, which raised $110 million, has provided the company with the resources needed to fuel its expansion plans. Despite the lower valuation compared to 2022, the successful fundraising demonstrates investor confidence in the company’s long-term prospects. Additionally, has become a preferred destination for customers looking to migrate their assets from other platforms, such as SoFi’s recently closed crypto arm.

Conclusion:’s strategic hires, workforce expansion, and international expansion plans signal a promising future for the company. With the addition of Curtis Ting as senior vice president and the establishment of new local entities in Europe, is positioning itself for continued growth and success. The company’s focus on emerging markets like Nigeria and Turkey further underscores its commitment to meeting the needs of a global user base. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, is poised to remain a key player in the space, offering secure and user-friendly solutions to crypto enthusiasts worldwide.