Plans Workforce Expansion and European Hub Establishment Plans Workforce Expansion and European Hub Establishment

Crypto exchange sets sights on new markets and regulatory compliance, a prominent Bitcoin infrastructure provider, is embarking on a growth trajectory by expanding its workforce and establishing a new hub in Paris. The company aims to tap into emerging markets such as Nigeria and Turkey while also ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. With the appointment of Curtis Ting, former head of global operations at Kraken, aims to bolster its European operations and establish local entities across the continent.

Expanding Workforce and Market Reach is set to increase its workforce by 25% in the first quarter, signaling its commitment to expanding its presence in new markets. The crypto exchange aims to leverage the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and Turkey, where digital assets are gaining popularity among the younger population. By establishing a stronger foothold in these regions, seeks to cater to the increasing demand for secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency services.

Strengthening European Operations

To bolster its European operations and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, has enlisted the expertise of Curtis Ting. Ting, formerly the head of global operations at Kraken, brings a wealth of experience in navigating the intricacies of the cryptocurrency industry. His primary focus will be setting up the company’s new hub in Paris and establishing local entities across Europe. This move will enable to comply with region-specific regulations and foster stronger relationships with local stakeholders.

Adhering to Evolving Regulations

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, regulatory frameworks are being established to ensure consumer protection and market stability. recognizes the importance of adhering to these regulations and plans to obtain more local licenses to operate in various jurisdictions. By doing so, the company aims to maintain its commitment to transparency, security, and compliance. Chief Executive Officer Peter Smith emphasizes the significance of working closely with regulators to foster a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem.

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Addressing the European Market

Currently, manages its European operations through a single entity based in London. However, the establishment of local entities across Europe will provide a more localized approach to serving customers and complying with regional regulations. This strategy will enable to better address the diverse needs of its European user base and build stronger relationships with local financial institutions and authorities.

Curtis Ting’s Role in Expansion

Curtis Ting’s appointment as part of’s expansion strategy highlights the company’s commitment to building a strong presence in Europe. Ting’s experience in global operations and regulatory compliance will be instrumental in establishing the company’s new hub in Paris and navigating the complex landscape of European regulations. With Ting’s guidance, aims to create a seamless user experience for European customers while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Conclusion:’s plans to expand its workforce and establish a new hub in Paris demonstrate its determination to tap into new markets and comply with evolving regulations. By increasing its workforce and establishing local entities across Europe, the company aims to better serve its users and foster stronger relationships with regulators. With Curtis Ting’s expertise in global operations and regulatory compliance, is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency industry and provide secure and user-friendly services to its growing customer base.