Crypto’s Adolescence: Smart Contract Blockspace as a Commodity

Crypto's Adolescence: Smart Contract Blockspace as a Commodity

Messari’s latest report highlights the evolving landscape of the crypto industry, with smart contract blockspace becoming a commodity. Ethereum’s potential success and Solana’s comeback are key focal points.

In a recent newsletter, Messari, a market intelligence company, posited that the crypto industry is currently experiencing its adolescence. The report emphasizes the changing dynamics of smart contract blockspace, which is evolving into a commodity. Messari’s analysis delves into the bullish case for Ethereum, highlighting its maturity, decentralization trends, and potential appeal to traditional finance. Additionally, the report recognizes Solana’s remarkable resurgence, showcasing its technological advancements and increased developer interest.

Bullish Case for Ethereum:

Messari’s report challenges the narrative of Ethereum losing its prominence. The analysis suggests that while developers may decentralize away from Ethereum, they will still interact with the blockchain network through rollups and bridges. This aligns with Ethereum’s long-term explicit direction. The report emphasizes Ethereum’s established reliability, liquid ecosystem, and substantial market cap of $300 billion, positioning it as a significant player in the evolving blockchain landscape. Ethereum’s maturity and attractiveness to rollup and app developers further solidify its potential success in 2024.

Ethereum’s Appeal to Traditional Finance:

Messari highlights Ethereum’s potential appeal to traditional financial institutions, positioning it as an attractive option for Wall Street. With its clean and environmentally friendly narrative, Ethereum could see a fast follow-up of an ETF, similar to the trend observed with Bitcoin. The report also notes Ethereum’s net deflationary supply and annual fee generation of approximately $300 million, further enhancing its appeal to the traditional finance sector.

Ethereum as “Chaotic Good”:

Messari’s annual report characterizes Ethereum as a “Chaotic Good,” thriving on volatility and chaos. While Bitcoin is often seen as a bet against bankrupt central banks, Ethereum represents a bet against morally bankrupt investment banks. This depiction underscores Ethereum’s adaptability in the face of geopolitical uncertainties, positioning it as a resilient and versatile blockchain platform.

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Solana: Back From Dead:

The report highlights Solana as the crypto industry’s comeback player of the year. Despite initial skepticism following the FTX collapse, Solana experienced a remarkable resurgence. The ecosystem witnessed a surge in new product releases, increased on-chain liquidity, and improved availability of developer tools. Notable tech upgrades, including local fee markets, QUIC, and stake-weighted QOS, contributed to a significant reduction in Solana’s downtime compared to the previous year.

Focus for Solana in 2024:

Looking ahead, Solana’s focus in 2024 will revolve around performance enhancements through projects like Firedancer and Sig. The development of light clients through Tinydancer will also be a priority, enabling wider accessibility and adoption. Additionally, the deployment of the token-22 standard will extend Solana’s token functionalities, further expanding its capabilities within the ecosystem.


Messari’s report provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the crypto industry. While Ethereum’s maturity and appeal to traditional finance position it for potential success in 2024, Solana’s remarkable resurgence showcases its technological advancements and growing developer interest. As smart contract blockspace becomes a commodity, the industry continues to evolve, presenting new opportunities and challenges for blockchain platforms. The future of crypto remains dynamic and promising, with Ethereum and Solana playing significant roles in shaping the industry’s trajectory.