UN Report on USDT Ignores its Role in Developing Economies and Collaborative Efforts in Combating Financial Crime

UN Report on USDT Ignores its Role in Developing Economies and Collaborative Efforts in Combating Financial Crime

Tether’s Commitment to Traceability and Collaboration with Law Enforcement Overlooked by the UN

The recent United Nations (UN) report on the use of cryptocurrencies has raised concerns within the Tether community. While the report highlights the involvement of USDT in illicit activities, it fails to acknowledge the significant role Tether plays in supporting developing economies in emerging markets. Tether, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, has been instrumental in providing financial services to communities that have long been neglected by the traditional financial system. Furthermore, Tether’s collaboration with global law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and United States Secret Service (USSS), has ensured unparalleled monitoring and has contributed to freezing substantial amounts of illicit funds. This article aims to shed light on Tether’s efforts in combating financial crime and the need for a more comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology by the UN.

Tether’s Commitment to Combating Financial Crime

Tether has been actively involved in combating financial crime through its robust monitoring systems and collaboration with law enforcement agencies. By utilizing public blockchains, Tether tokens enable meticulous tracking of every transaction, making it impractical for illicit activities. In recent months, Tether has frozen over US$300 million in suspicious funds, demonstrating its commitment to protecting the cryptocurrency community. Additionally, Tether has partnered with Chainalysis to develop a tool for monitoring secondary markets, further enhancing its security measures.

The Traceability of Tether Tokens Ignored by the UN

The UN report fails to acknowledge the traceability of Tether tokens, which sets them apart from traditional banking systems. Tether’s collaboration with global law enforcement agencies, including the DOJ, FBI, and USSS, ensures that any illicit activity involving Tether tokens is swiftly identified and addressed. This level of traceability surpasses what traditional banking systems have offered for decades and highlights the potential for centralized stablecoins to improve anti-financial crime efforts.

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The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

While the UN report focuses on the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, it neglects to discuss the positive impact that centralized stablecoins can have in combating financial crime. Tether believes that a more comprehensive approach is necessary, one that considers the traceability and collaboration capabilities of blockchain technology. By working together with the industry, the UN can develop modern strategies to effectively fight financial crime on blockchains.

Encouraging Proactive Learning and Collaboration

Tether extends an invitation to the UN to engage in collaborative dialogue and expand its understanding of blockchain technology. Tether believes that a proactive approach to learning and education is essential for fostering a more informed and productive environment. By working together, Tether and the UN can explore the immense improvements blockchain technology offers in the fight against financial crime.


The UN report on USDT’s involvement in illicit activities overlooks Tether’s significant role in supporting developing economies and its collaborative efforts in combating financial crime. Tether’s commitment to traceability and its collaboration with global law enforcement agencies highlight the potential of centralized stablecoins in improving anti-financial crime efforts. To achieve its intended goals, the UN should adopt a more comprehensive approach that considers the benefits and challenges of blockchain technology. Tether stands ready to support the UN in gaining a deeper understanding of blockchain and working together to combat financial crime effectively.