United Nations Development Programme Partners with Algorand Foundation to Launch Blockchain Academy

United Nations Development Programme Partners with Algorand Foundation to Launch Blockchain Academy

UNDP aims to upskill its 22,000 staff members in blockchain technology to promote sustainable development goals.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has announced its partnership with the Algorand Foundation to establish a blockchain academy. The academy, set to launch in 2024, will provide education and training on distributed ledger technology and blockchain for the UNDP’s 22,000 staff members across 170 countries. The aim is to equip UN practitioners with the necessary skills to address complex global challenges using blockchain technology, ultimately supporting sustainable development growth.

Empowering UN Staff Through Education

The collaboration between the UNDP and the Algorand Foundation seeks to upskill, empower, and inspire UN practitioners worldwide. Through lectures, workshops, and hands-on assignments, the academy will provide a comprehensive curriculum on blockchain technology. The training will cover various applications of blockchain, including financial inclusion, supply chain transparency, real-world asset tokenization, and digital identity. By educating its staff, the UNDP aims to harness the potential of blockchain to advance sustainable development goals.

Addressing Global Challenges with Blockchain

The Algorand Foundation’s head of education and inclusion, Doro Unger-Lee, emphasizes the importance of education as the first step towards identifying and implementing practical use cases of blockchain technology. By providing actionable knowledge and skills, the academy aims to contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in various areas. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize sectors such as agriculture, finance, and governance, enabling greater transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity.

Algorand’s Role in the Partnership

Algorand, a layer-1 blockchain platform, offers secure, efficient, and scalable applications. The partnership with the UNDP highlights Algorand’s commitment to supporting global initiatives through blockchain technology. The native token of the Algorand network, ALGO (ALGO), experienced a modest increase of 1.5% in value following the announcement.

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UN’s Exploration of Blockchain Applications

The United Nations has been actively researching blockchain applications for several years. In 2018, the UNDP partnered with the Blockchain Charity Foundation to explore the potential of distributed ledger technology for social good. Additionally, UN Secretary-General António Guterres established a “High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation” in the same year, with a specific focus on blockchain technology. These initiatives demonstrate the UN’s commitment to leveraging blockchain’s transformative potential for global development.

The Future of Blockchain in Sustainable Development

Blockchain technology holds immense promise in advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. By enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accountability, blockchain can facilitate inclusive financial systems, improve supply chain management, and provide secure digital identities. The partnership between the UNDP and the Algorand Foundation signals a significant step towards harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to address pressing global challenges.


The collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme and the Algorand Foundation to launch a blockchain academy represents a crucial milestone in promoting the adoption of blockchain technology within the UN system. By upskilling its staff members, the UNDP aims to leverage blockchain’s transformative potential to achieve sustainable development goals. As blockchain continues to evolve, its applications in finance, governance, and various other sectors hold the promise of creating a more inclusive and transparent world. The UN’s exploration of blockchain technology underscores its commitment to embracing innovative solutions for global development.