Vabble: Empowering Indie Filmmakers with Blockchain Technology

Streaming services expand access for indie filmmakers, but creators face visibility challenges. Vabble uses blockchain to boost creator control and monetization, adding social engagement.

The rise of streaming platforms has revolutionized the way we consume digital content, offering convenience and accessibility to viewers around the world. However, this shift has also posed challenges for independent filmmakers, who struggle to gain visibility among the vast libraries of content available. Major studios, acting as gatekeepers, often determine which films reach a wider audience, leaving indie filmmakers at a disadvantage. The traditional distribution model, reliant on theatrical releases and home media sales, further hampers the reach of indie films. In response to these challenges, Vabble, a streaming service powered by blockchain technology, aims to empower filmmakers by providing them with more control, wider reach, and fairer revenue models.

Blockchain for film distribution and monetization

Vabble recognizes the need for alternative distribution models that offer equitable opportunities for independent filmmakers while catering to the diverse tastes of global audiences. By leveraging blockchain technology, Vabble aims to address the core issues imposed by major studios, such as limited control, restricted reach, and unfair revenue sharing. The platform has made its complete smart contract code available as open source on GitHub and is preparing for its imminent launch.

Hollywood experts go decentralized

Vabble’s efforts to revolutionize the streaming landscape are led by industry veterans with extensive experience in the film industry. John C. Hall, former executive vice president at Universal Pictures, brings his expertise in theatrical releases, having worked on over 408 films. Barry Chamberlain, former president of sales at CBS Studios International, contributes his knowledge in global sales and deal negotiations. Philip Groves, a former executive at Imax Corporation and writer-producer of the Imax documentary Asteroid Hunters, also joins the advisory board. Joanna Miles, with her two decades of experience in the film industry, including major franchises like Hunger Games and Divergent, adds her expertise in theatrical marketing to the team.

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Snapchat meets Netflix in Web3

Vabble sets itself apart by integrating social elements into the film viewing experience, creating a unique blend reminiscent of platforms like Snapchat and Netflix. The platform fosters a social community, allowing users to create friend lists, chat, and watch content together. Users can even host watch parties with friends from outside the platform, enabling them to enjoy specific content for free under the user’s invite. Vabble also provides preview trailers and information about the content, allowing viewers to make informed decisions. Instead of paying for content upfront, users can pay incrementally every quarter of the total duration.

From viewer to content creator

Vabble’s streaming service operates on a peer-to-peer payment system, directly connecting users to content owners and eliminating intermediaries. The platform does not take any percentage from the proceeds generated, ensuring that creators receive fair compensation for their work. Studios and filmmakers can track their analytics, including financing proposals, film earnings, and watch times, using Vabble’s Vab DAO Studio. The Vab DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), facilitates the automatic distribution of earnings, while the VAB token enables subscription payments, governance, and film financing.


Vabble’s utilization of blockchain technology represents a significant step towards empowering indie filmmakers, offering them creative control and fair monetization. By leveraging technological advancements in streaming, Vabble aims to create a more inclusive and diverse cinematic environment. The platform’s integration of social engagement features and its commitment to transparency and equity through blockchain technology have the potential to reshape how content is created, distributed, and consumed globally. With Vabble, independent filmmakers can now have a platform that champions their work and provides them with the visibility and opportunities they deserve.

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