Google Integrates Social Media Posts into Business Profiles, Enhancing Online Presence

The new feature allows businesses to display social media posts from platforms like Instagram and Facebook directly on their Google Business Profiles, providing customers with a comprehensive view of their online activity.

Google has recently introduced a new feature that automatically displays social media posts from platforms like Instagram and Facebook directly on Google Business Profiles (GBP). This update aims to give customers a more comprehensive view of a business’s online activity and engagement. By integrating social media posts into their Business Profiles, businesses can enhance their online presence and increase visibility and engagement. This article will explore the details of this new feature and the steps businesses can take to manage their social media links on their Google Business Profiles.

Manage Your Social Media Links:

To take advantage of this new feature, businesses can manage which social media links are displayed to customers on their Google Business Profile. Google allows businesses to add one link from each platform, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube. It is important to follow specific formats for social media links to ensure they function correctly within the Business Profile. For example, a Facebook link should follow the format “{username},” while an Instagram link should adhere to “{username}.”

Adding, Editing, & Removing Social Media Links:

Adding, editing, or removing social media links on Google Business Profiles is a straightforward process. Business owners can navigate to their Business Profile, go to the “Edit profile” section, click on “Business information,” and then select “Contact.” From there, they can choose “Social profiles” to add, update, or remove links. Google may automatically add social media links to eligible Business Profiles, but businesses have the option to edit those links by adding a new link for the same social media site.

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Additional Notes:

Google’s help page provides answers to common questions businesses may have regarding this new feature. It confirms that different Business Profiles can use the same social media link and that businesses can add one link per social media site to their Business Profile. While performance metrics for social media links are currently unavailable, businesses can manage their links via the API for multiple locations.

Looking Ahead:

As Google continues to roll out this feature to more regions, businesses can expect enhanced visibility and engagement by automatically displaying their social media posts on their Google Business Profile. This update also incentivizes maintaining an active social media presence to capitalize on the opportunity for increased exposure.


Google’s integration of social media posts into Google Business Profiles enhances a business’s online presence by providing customers with a more holistic view of their activities. This feature increases visibility and engagement by displaying real-time updates directly on the Business Profile. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining an active social media presence to leave a positive impression on potential customers. By managing their social media links on their Google Business Profile, businesses can take advantage of this new opportunity for increased exposure and engagement.