Argentina’s New President Takes Drastic Measures to Tackle Economic Crisis

Argentina's New President Takes Drastic Measures to Tackle Economic Crisis

Javier Milei’s inauguration signals a shift towards austerity and radical economic reforms in Argentina

When Javier Milei was sworn in as Argentina’s president on December 10th, his somber message of austerity was met with cheers instead of the usual skepticism. Milei’s inauguration set the stage for a series of shock therapy measures aimed at reviving the country’s struggling economy. With the appointment of Luis Caputo as the new economy minister, Argentina embarked on a path of radical economic reforms, including a significant devaluation of the peso, subsidy cuts, and a reduction in the size of the state. These measures, coupled with temporary tax increases and social benefits, aim to tackle the country’s fiscal deficit and put Argentina on a path towards economic recovery.

Radical Reforms and Austerity Measures

The new administration wasted no time in announcing a flurry of radical economic reforms. Economy Minister Luis Caputo unveiled a devaluation of the peso by over 50% and pledged to slash subsidies for electricity and transport. The number of government ministries will be halved, public works will be suspended, and federal transfers to provinces will be reduced. These measures, estimated to amount to almost 3% of GDP, are aimed at cutting spending and reducing the fiscal deficit.

However, the government also plans to increase taxes on imported goods and extend a tax on all exports. Child benefits will be doubled, and the value of a state food card for the poorest citizens will also increase. The objective is to temporarily raise revenue through tax increases while simultaneously implementing spending cuts, with the aim of eliminating the fiscal deficit by the end of 2024. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has a significant financial stake in Argentina, applauded these “bold initial actions” and pledged to work closely with the new government.

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Milei’s Pragmatic Turn and Investor Confidence

President Milei’s pragmatic approach has garnered support from investors. Despite rising to fame with promises to dollarize the economy and shut down the central bank, Milei has put these plans on hold and assembled a cabinet of technocrats from the main center-right coalition. This shift towards a more pragmatic approach has reassured investors, who see it as a step towards stability and fiscal discipline.

However, the short-term impact of these measures may lead to lower growth and increased living costs. The devaluation of the peso, new taxes, and subsidy cuts could potentially drive up prices. Some experts predict that monthly inflation could double to around 20% and remain high for several months. Milei’s emphasis on fiscal discipline is crucial in reassuring the markets and curbing inflation. The degree of social conflict and the response of trade unions will also play a significant role in determining market confidence.

Challenges and Potential Pushback

President Milei may face challenges from his base and Congress. During his campaign, he promised tax cuts and vowed to make spending cuts at the expense of corrupt politicians. However, taxes will now increase temporarily, and austerity measures will impact more than just public workers. With only a small percentage of seats in both the Senate and lower house, Milei’s coalition will need to navigate the challenges of a divided Congress to implement his reforms successfully.


Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, has wasted no time in implementing drastic measures to address the country’s economic crisis. His commitment to austerity and radical economic reforms has garnered support from investors, but the path ahead is not without challenges. The short-term impact of these measures may lead to lower growth and increased living costs, but Milei’s emphasis on fiscal discipline and his efforts to reassure the markets will be crucial in curbing inflation and restoring stability. The success of his reforms will depend on navigating the challenges of a divided Congress and managing potential pushback from his base. Only time will tell if Milei’s bold actions will lead Argentina towards economic recovery.

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