Economics Professor’s Accurate Predictions Highlighted in 2024 Forecasting

Belinda Román, an economics professor at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, has gained attention for her accurate economic predictions in a recent forecasting survey. As she offers insights into 2024, Román’s optimistic projections challenge the consensus held by many forecasters.

Belinda Román, an associate professor of economics at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, has made waves in the economic forecasting world with her remarkably accurate predictions. Ranked at the top among 71 experts in a Wall Street Journal survey last year, Román’s insights have garnered attention and intrigue. As she shares her projections for 2024, Román once again defies the consensus held by many forecasters, offering both good and bad news for the new year.

Optimistic Economic Growth and Job Gains

Román’s forecast for 2024 paints a picture of economic growth, employment, and job gains. She projects a GDP growth of 2.6 percent, surpassing the consensus estimate of 1 percent. Román’s optimism stems from her belief that the economy has not lost momentum and that low or zero growth is overly pessimistic. Her projections align with the unexpected job gains in January, where the U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs, defying expectations. The unemployment rate also remained at 3.7 percent, marking the country’s longest run of unemployment below 4 percent since the 1960s.

Higher Inflation and Lower Interest Rates

While Román expects higher inflation, she predicts lower interest rates compared to other economists. This projection could potentially benefit Americans hoping to enter the property market, as it may make mortgages more affordable. Román’s predictions come at a time when economists speculate about the Federal Reserve’s decision to lower interest rates. The Fed recently voted to keep interest rates steady, with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell expressing encouragement about the economy but cautioning that there is still progress to be made.

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Uncertainty and Politics as Wild Cards

Despite her optimistic projections, Román acknowledges uncertainty for the new year, with politics playing a significant role. The outcome of the presidential election and its international impact remain unknown variables. Román emphasizes the importance of considering the political environment when making economic forecasts. While she believes in continued growth, she tempers expectations, suggesting that growth may not reach the levels of 5, 6, or 7 percent.

A Unique Approach to Economic Forecasting

Román’s success in economic forecasting can be attributed to her unique approach. Rather than relying solely on models, she looks at moving averages and trend lines to discern the story behind the data. Román emphasizes the human element in economics, reminding her students and fellow economists to consider the impact on businesses, communities, and countries. By incorporating this perspective, Román brings a fresh and insightful approach to her predictions.


Belinda Román’s accurate economic predictions have once again drawn attention as she shares her insights into 2024. Her optimistic projections for economic growth and job gains challenge the consensus held by many forecasters. While uncertainty and politics remain as wild cards, Román’s unique approach to economic forecasting, focusing on the human element, sets her apart. As the new year unfolds, Román’s predictions will be closely watched, highlighting the importance of considering multiple perspectives and approaches in economic forecasting.