Adetola Nola: Empowering Africa Through Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Adetola Nola: Empowering Africa Through Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Addressing Key Challenges: Actively tackles housing and food security, enhancing life across Africa.

Adetola Nola, the CEO of Veritasi Homes & Properties, has emerged as a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur who is reshaping the business landscape in Nigeria. With a remarkable milestone of successfully registering a N30.00 Billion CP Programme on FMDQ in 2022, Nola has demonstrated his leadership and vision in the real estate sector. However, his impact extends beyond the realm of business, as he actively addresses critical challenges such as housing and food security, empowering the youth, and nurturing emerging talent through his Adetola Business Incubator.

A Vision for the Future: Tackling Housing and Food Security

Nola’s commitment to improving the lives of people across Africa is evident in his dedication to addressing key challenges such as housing and food security. As the CEO of Veritasi Homes & Properties, he is dedicated to providing world-class homes and shaping the real estate sector in Nigeria. Nola’s vision extends beyond business success, as he believes in the immense potential for growth in Africa and is determined to play a significant role in solving housing challenges on the continent.

Education and Expertise: A Foundation for Success

Nola’s educational journey reflects his unwavering dedication to growth and excellence. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, he expanded his expertise with further studies in Real Estate Design, Finance, and Management at Harvard Business School, Project and Infrastructure Finance at London Business School, and Strategic Management and Leadership at the Metropolitan School of Business & Management. Nola’s diverse educational background has equipped him with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry.

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Empowering Youth: The Adetola Business Incubator

Nola’s commitment to mentorship and nurturing emerging talent is exemplified by his establishment of the Adetola Business Incubator. This platform is dedicated to mentoring and funding startup ventures in Nigeria, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Nola believes that supporting and nurturing emerging talent is a crucial part of his journey, and the Adetola Business Incubator is his way of giving back to the community.

Thought Leadership: Sharing Insights on a Global Stage

Nola’s thought leadership has earned him a distinguished reputation as a speaker at prestigious global forums within the real estate and finance sectors. His presence has graced renowned stages worldwide, including events such as The Financial Times in London and Yale Business Innovation. Nola’s ability to share insights and engage with industry leaders further solidifies his position as a visionary leader in the business world.

Recognitions and Achievements: Redefining Success

Nola’s impact and success have not gone unnoticed. His recognition by Financial Times in the annual ranking of Africa’s fastest-growing companies of 2023 highlights his ability to drive growth and create enduring value for stakeholders. With over 1000 clients catered to with world-class homes, Nola’s achievements speak volumes about his dedication to excellence and his commitment to reshaping the real estate industry in Nigeria and beyond.


Adetola Nola, the CEO of Veritasi Homes & Properties, is a visionary leader who is actively addressing key challenges and empowering the youth in Africa. Through his commitment to tackling housing and food security, his establishment of the Adetola Business Incubator, and his thought leadership on a global stage, Nola is redefining success in Nigeria’s dynamic business landscape. With his unwavering dedication to growth, excellence, and making a positive impact, Nola is shaping the future of real estate and entrepreneurship in Africa.

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