Chioma Goodhair: From Hair Entrepreneur to Reality TV Star

Chioma Goodhair: From Hair Entrepreneur to Reality TV Star

In a candid interview, Chioma Goodhair opens up about her journey as a fashion icon, entrepreneur, lawyer, and reality TV star.

In the world of fashion and beauty, there are few names as prominent as Chioma Goodhair. From starting her own successful hair company at the age of 18 to becoming a household name through her appearance on the reality TV show, Real Housewives of Lagos, Chioma has captured the hearts and attention of millions. In a recent interview with Taymesan on “Tea With Tay,” Chioma delves into her inspiring journey, discussing her early beginnings, her experiences in the fashion industry, and the challenges she faced along the way.

A Hair Empire Built from Passion and Friendship

Chioma opens up about the origins of her hair company, Goodhair, which she co-founded with her best friend, Kika. At the tender age of 18, Chioma’s passion for hair led her to start her own business, driven by a desire to provide high-quality hair extensions to women of all backgrounds. She shares the challenges they faced as young entrepreneurs and the hard work they put into building their brand.

From Tomboy to Fashion Icon

Growing up, Chioma describes herself as a tomboy, with little interest in fashion or beauty. However, her perspective shifted when she moved to England for her studies. Surrounded by a vibrant fashion scene, she found herself drawn to the world of style and began experimenting with different looks. This transformation sparked her interest in the fashion industry and ultimately paved the way for her career as a fashion icon.

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The Real Housewives of Lagos Experience

Chioma’s appearance on the reality TV show, Real Housewives of Lagos, catapulted her into the spotlight. She shares her initial hesitation in joining the show, fearing the impact it might have on her personal life and business. However, after some convincing from fellow reality TV star Iyabo Ojo, Chioma decided to take the leap. She discusses the challenges she faced during filming, the reactions of her family and friends, and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

Making Bold Decisions and Discontinuing the Show

Despite the success of the first season, Chioma made the difficult decision to discontinue her participation in Real Housewives of Lagos. She explains that the show did not align with her personal values and the image she wanted to portray to her audience. Chioma emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and making choices that align with one’s principles, even in the face of external pressures.

The Power of Influence and Second Chances

One of the most intriguing aspects of Chioma’s journey is her ability to inspire and influence others. She shares how her appearance on Real Housewives of Lagos opened doors for her, allowing her to connect with a wider audience and make a positive impact. Chioma also reveals how Iyabo Ojo convinced her to give the show a second chance, highlighting the importance of having a supportive network of friends and mentors.


Chioma Goodhair’s story is one of resilience, determination, and staying true to oneself. From building a successful hair empire to navigating the world of reality TV, she has proven that with passion and hard work, anything is possible. Chioma’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts alike, reminding us of the power of authenticity and the importance of making choices that align with our values. As her influence continues to grow, it is clear that Chioma Goodhair is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and beauty industry.

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