From Side Hustle to Success: Three Women Share Their Journey to Building Multimillion-Dollar Businesses

Discover the inspiring stories and advice of three women who turned their side hustles into thriving multimillion-dollar businesses.

In today’s economy, where financial stability is uncertain, side hustles have become a lifeline for many Gen Zers and millennials. A recent survey from LendingTree revealed that over half of these young adults have a side hustle, with 80% citing the need for extra cash as the driving force behind their entrepreneurial endeavors. From driving for rideshare services to teaching courses online, there is a wide range of opportunities for those looking to diversify their income streams or pursue full-time entrepreneurship.

While some side hustlers achieve great success and surpass their full-time job salaries, others may start with modest returns but possess an entrepreneurial spirit that propels them to commit fully. With the right strategy and mindset, these businesses can also become highly profitable, even reaching six- or seven-figure monthly revenues.

In this article, we delve into the stories of three remarkable women who transformed their side hustles into thriving multimillion-dollar businesses. Katherine Watercutter, founder and CEO of activewear brand Gold Hinge; Julie Berninger, co-founder of e-printables curriculum Gold City Ventures; and Danielle Cohen-Shohet, founder and CEO of booking and payments platform GlossGenius, share their journeys and offer valuable advice for business success.

Katherine Watercutter: Gold Hinge

Katherine Watercutter started her activewear brand, Gold Hinge, as a side hustle while working as a sales representative for a distribution company. Overcoming the initial challenge of limited funding, Watercutter’s brand gained popularity through celebrity endorsements and a viral TikTok trend. Today, Gold Hinge boasts millions in sales and a loyal customer base.

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Watercutter’s advice: “Don’t give up. Business is all about problem-solving, and even in the face of failure, there is always a way to overcome obstacles.”

Julie Berninger: Gold City Ventures

Julie Berninger, a former project manager for large tech companies, was inspired by the financial independence and retire early (FIRE) movement to start a side hustle. She opened an Etsy shop focused on the bachelorette party niche and eventually co-founded Gold City Ventures, an online course business that teaches entrepreneurs how to find success on the platform. Berninger left her 9-5 job when her side ventures generated enough income to replace her salary.

Berninger’s advice: “Don’t start a business alone. Find a business partner to scale faster, and invest in valuable resources like step-by-step programs or business consultants to save time.”

Danielle Cohen-Shohet: GlossGenius

Danielle Cohen-Shohet’s entrepreneurial journey began in college when she did freelance makeup from her dorm room. Alongside her twin sister, she also ventured into the world of digital receipts and payments. Drawing from these experiences, Cohen-Shohet founded GlossGenius, a comprehensive booking, payments, and point-of-sale solution for beauty and wellness professionals. Today, GlossGenius is valued at over $510 million.

Cohen-Shohet’s advice: “Be fearless, surround yourself with like-minded people, and never take no for an answer. Having a strong support system and thought partner can be invaluable in building a successful business.”


The stories of Katherine Watercutter, Julie Berninger, and Danielle Cohen-Shohet serve as powerful examples of how side hustles can evolve into thriving multimillion-dollar businesses. Their journeys highlight the importance of perseverance, problem-solving, collaboration, and a fearless mindset. Whether it’s overcoming financial obstacles, finding the right niche, or surrounding oneself with supportive individuals, these women demonstrate that with determination and the right strategy, anyone can turn their side hustle into a flourishing enterprise. So, if you’re considering taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, let their stories inspire and guide you on your own path to success.

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