Gen Z Entrepreneurs: Solving Societal Issues Through Innovation

Gen Z Entrepreneurs: Solving Societal Issues Through Innovation

The rise of socially conscious startups led by Gen Z founders

When Siddharth Thakur founded Paradigm Robotics as a high school student, he had no idea that his passion project would grow into a company dedicated to assisting firefighters on the job. Thakur’s story is just one example of the rise of Gen Z entrepreneurship, a generation defined by their commitment to solving societal issues through innovation. With their deep care for others, collaborative nature, and pragmatic attitude towards addressing inherited problems like climate change, Gen Z founders are making waves in the business world. This article explores the characteristics and achievements of Gen Z entrepreneurs, highlighting their unique approach to entrepreneurship.

Generation of problem solvers

Gen Zers, born into a world of unprecedented connectivity and information flow, are characterized by their social justice-driven mindset and political awareness. They possess a deep desire to make a positive impact on society through their entrepreneurial ventures. Molly Alter, a principal investor at venture capital fund Northzone, notes that Gen Z founders thrive in the fast-paced world of innovation, leveraging their comfort with mobile internet technology to build dynamic products that capitalize on the latest technological capabilities.

Jonathan Greechan, who works with Gen Z-run startups at the Founders Institute, emphasizes that these young founders understand the importance of purpose in their companies. They challenge accepted norms and strive for sustainability and equity. Gen Z-founded companies like SoundMind, which offers music therapy for mental health, and Slip, a digital receipts software company focused on minimizing waste, exemplify this commitment to purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Climate-conscious entrepreneurs

Gen Z has shown a heightened concern for climate change and sustainability. Deloitte reports that 64% of Gen Zers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and they expect companies to invest in sustainability. Meagan Loyst, founder of Gen Z VC, a community for young investors and creators, observes a rising class of climate entrepreneurs within her community. Gen Z founders are drawn to industries like AI, climate, and fintech, seeking to address pressing issues such as the climate crisis.

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Gen Z in the VC world

While Gen Z founders are still relatively young, universities and colleges are creating environments that support their entrepreneurial ambitions. Incubators and resources on campuses provide opportunities for young founders to experiment and connect with mentors and peers. However, the path to success as a Gen Z founder is not as straightforward as it once was. Investors now expect a clear business proposition alongside purpose-driven goals. Gen Z founders, like Tash Grossman of Slip, have had to navigate the challenges of identifying core consumers and profit schemes to attract investors.


Gen Z entrepreneurs are making their mark by addressing societal issues through innovation. Their commitment to purpose, sustainability, and equity sets them apart from previous generations. While the average age of successful startup founders remains around 45, Gen Z founders are leveraging the resources and support available to them on college campuses. As they continue to develop their entrepreneurial ventures, Gen Z founders will shape the future of business with their unique perspectives and determination to create a better world.