How Edmund Chong Made S$100,000 by Age 24: A Journey of Hustle and Entrepreneurship

How Edmund Chong Made S$100,000 by Age 24: A Journey of Hustle and Entrepreneurship

Serial entrepreneur Edmund Chong shares his path to financial independence and success, starting from odd jobs and side hustles in his early 20s.

At just 24 years old, Edmund Chong had already amassed a net worth of S$100,000 through a series of income streams and entrepreneurial ventures. From working part-time jobs and trading on Carousell to becoming a pet sitter and real estate analyst, Chong’s determination to achieve financial independence was fueled by his upbringing during the 2008 financial crisis. Now, at 26, Chong is the founder of three successful companies and continues to inspire others through his platform, HustleVenture.

The Value of Money

Chong’s drive for financial independence was deeply influenced by his experience witnessing his father’s struggle to keep their family business afloat during the 2008 financial crisis. This early exposure to financial hardship made Chong realize the importance of money and motivated him to find ways to make money more effectively.

The Road to Financial Independence

Chong’s journey towards financial independence began when he started working odd jobs while studying. From waiting tables to exploring various side hustles, he was determined to help his family financially and gain personal financial stability. A pivotal moment came when Chong interned at an engineering firm and met a mentor who taught him the importance of identifying and solving business issues.

University Hustler

During his university years, Chong continued to explore different income-generating opportunities. He found success in pet sitting during the COVID-19 lockdowns and ventured into operating vending machines. However, his first major loss came when the pandemic limited people’s access to sports facilities, resulting in a setback for his vending machine business. Despite this setback, Chong’s determination never wavered.

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From Analyst to Entrepreneur

Chong’s multiple side hustles eventually impacted his studies, leading him to leave his business management course after a year. However, his skills as a real estate analyst caught the attention of a company that offered him a full-time role despite not having a degree. While working as a property manager, Chong focused on building his own business, HustleVenture. After a year, he made the bold decision to leave full-time employment and pursue entrepreneurship.

A Life of Side Enterprises

As a young entrepreneur, Chong faced doubts from others about his ability to run a company at such a young age. However, his diverse experiences taught him that time does not always equal money in business. Chong believes that identifying and resolving issues is the key to making money, and he continues to refine his approach and learn from his experiences.


Edmund Chong’s journey to financial independence and success is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and a value-driven mindset. From humble beginnings, he built multiple income streams and successfully launched three companies. Chong’s story serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and highlights the importance of identifying and solving problems in the pursuit of financial stability and success.