Krishnan Ganesh: Building Commercially Viable Business Models for the Masses

Krishnan Ganesh: Building Commercially Viable Business Models for the Masses

Serial entrepreneur Krishnan Ganesh shares insights on the fields he finds attractive, the qualities he looks for in entrepreneurs, and the changing entrepreneurial scene in India.

Krishnan Ganesh, one of India’s most successful serial entrepreneurs, has made a name for himself with ventures like TutorVista, Big Basket, and After his remarkable success, Ganesh founded, a venture builder platform. In an exclusive interview with’s Shobha Warrier, Ganesh discusses the fields that currently attract him, the qualities he seeks in entrepreneurs, and the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in India.

Opportunities in Emerging Technologies

Ganesh highlights the immense opportunities in generative AI, machine learning, and the entire D-tech area, including automation and IoT. He believes that these fields have barely scratched the surface, offering vast potential for innovative business models. Additionally, Ganesh acknowledges the promising prospects in the clean mobility sector, particularly the ecosystem surrounding electric vehicles, such as battery technology and charging infrastructure. He emphasizes the need to build commercially viable business models in these technology-driven fields.

Addressing Inequities in Healthcare and Education

While Ganesh acknowledges the potential of technology, he also recognizes the pressing challenges faced by India in terms of equity in healthcare and education. He believes that leveraging technology can help bridge these gaps and create commercially viable business models that cater to the masses. Ganesh mentions his involvement with the not-for-profit Bahaar Foundation, which focuses on creating microentrepreneurs in healthcare and agriculture sectors, especially in rural areas. Although this initiative is not driven by commercial goals, it aims to address societal inequities.

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The Right Entrepreneurial Attitude

Ganesh emphasizes the importance of the “Right to Win” attitude in entrepreneurs. He looks for individuals who possess a long-term mindset and can endure the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Ganesh advises against opportunistic entrepreneurship driven solely by glamour and financial gain. He believes that entrepreneurship is a marathon and requires the temperament to withstand challenges. Ganesh also highlights the significance of finding entrepreneurs who align with the specific business model and possess the necessary skills, such as the ability to leverage technology effectively.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Ganesh encourages young entrepreneurs to look forward and leverage the evolving ecosystem to build new businesses. He emphasizes that the current era offers democratized opportunities in fields like clean mobility, AI, and machine learning. Ganesh urges aspiring entrepreneurs to take risks, as the cost of failure is lower than ever before. He advises against settling for traditional 9-5 jobs and encourages young entrepreneurs to solve significant problems and make a difference in the world. Ganesh believes that India’s vast challenges present great opportunities for entrepreneurs to build large businesses and create impactful change.


Krishnan Ganesh’s entrepreneurial journey and success serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. He highlights the immense potential in emerging technologies and the need to address societal inequities through commercially viable business models. Ganesh emphasizes the importance of the right attitude, long-term thinking, and the ability to leverage technology effectively. While India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved significantly, Ganesh acknowledges that there is still work to be done in terms of ease of doing business and shutting down businesses. However, he remains optimistic about the future and encourages young entrepreneurs to seize the democratized opportunities and make a positive impact on society.

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