Promoting Cotton Research, Outreach, and Entrepreneurship

Promoting Cotton Research, Outreach, and Entrepreneurship

Students explore advanced applications of cotton in oil absorption and environmental protection

In a bid to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among students, the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University recently welcomed a group of aspiring young minds. Nandanaa Anand from Lubbock High School, Aditya R. from Hutchinson Middle School, and Kumaren Anand, a freshman from Rice University, had the opportunity to explore the advanced applications of cotton, particularly its ability to absorb oil. This hands-on experience not only showcased the potential of cotton in various industries but also highlighted the importance of research commercialization and the role of laboratories in nurturing young talent.

Exploring Cotton’s Oil Absorbent Properties

The students were given the chance to conduct experiments using cotton as an oil absorbent material. Under the guidance of Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar, they delved into discussions on the sustainability of cotton and its potential application in environmental protection. The students’ enthusiasm and curiosity were evident as they actively participated in the experiments, showcasing their interest in finding innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization

One of the students, Nandanaa Anand, expressed her desire to become an entrepreneur. She emphasized the importance of engaging with laboratories that actively commercialize research, as it provides aspiring business owners with valuable insights and opportunities. This sentiment was echoed by the other students, who recognized the significance of bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The students were particularly appreciative of the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory’s commitment to welcoming high school students for short-term research projects. This inclusive approach allows young minds to gain exposure to cutting-edge research and fosters a passion for scientific exploration.

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Encouraging Research Outreach and Collaboration

It is worth noting that the research outreach efforts during the holiday break were supported by Mirza Khyum and Faizur Rahman, Ph.D. research students in the laboratory. Their involvement exemplifies the collaborative nature of research and highlights the importance of mentorship and knowledge-sharing.


The visit to the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University provided an invaluable experience for the students, showcasing the potential of cotton in advanced applications such as oil absorption and environmental protection. Moreover, it emphasized the need for research commercialization and the role of laboratories in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. By encouraging young minds to explore the possibilities of cotton and other materials, we pave the way for a future generation of researchers and entrepreneurs who will drive meaningful change in various industries.