Rome’s Jubilee of Hope Presents Opportunity to Boost Business and Innovation, Say Christian Entrepreneurs

Rome's Jubilee of Hope Presents Opportunity to Boost Business and Innovation, Say Christian Entrepreneurs

Young Christian businessmen aim to transform Rome into a hub of entrepreneurial talent and innovation as the city prepares for the upcoming Jubilee of Hope in 2025.

As Rome prepares for the highly anticipated Jubilee of Hope in 2025, a group of young Christian entrepreneurs sees the event as an opportunity to revitalize the city’s business and tech sectors. The Christian Union of Entrepreneurs and Managers (UCID), a private association of believers who base their work on the principles of the Catholic Church’s social doctrine, aims to make Rome more competitive and less reliant on tourism. With a vision to transform Rome into a global capital of ethics applied to innovation, these entrepreneurs are determined to put the city on the map as a hub of entrepreneurial talent and creativity.

Rome’s Lagging Non-Tourist Industries

Rome, often celebrated for its historical and cultural heritage, has fallen behind other European capitals in terms of non-tourist industries. Benedetto Delle Site, president of the youth sector of UCID, expressed concern over Rome’s declining rankings and the continuous abandonment of businesses and top professionals. While the city has relied on tourism and its political capital status, Delle Site believes it’s time to look beyond these sectors and focus on Rome’s potential as a center for innovation and technology.

A Missed Opportunity with Expo 2030

Rome recently lost the bid to host the prestigious Expo 2030 event, a setback that Delle Site sees as a wake-up call for the city. He described the loss as a “humiliation” for Italy and Europe, emphasizing that Rome played its cards poorly. However, he believes this disappointment can serve as a catalyst for change, igniting a sense of pride and prompting Rome to prioritize becoming a global capital with modern infrastructure and public services.

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The Potential of Rome’s Jubilee of Hope

The upcoming Jubilee of Hope, set to open in December 2024, presents a unique opportunity for Rome to not only inspire spiritual devotion but also attract businessmen and entrepreneurs. Delle Site envisions Rome as a model city that combines its status as the spiritual capital of Christianity, a leading European university center, and a hub for innovative start-ups and SMEs. By leveraging these factors, Rome can become a global capital of “ethics applied to technological innovation” and a shining example of development that places humanity at its core.

Challenges and Concerns

While the Jubilee of Hope brings hope and excitement, the city of Rome faces various challenges in preparing for the event. Delays in construction projects intended to improve the city’s infrastructure have caused concerns among residents and business owners. The proposed tram project and the underground car passage have disrupted daily life and raised doubts about their completion before the jubilee. Locals worry about the influx of tourists and the impact on traffic and daily routines.


Despite the challenges, Benedetto Delle Site remains optimistic about Rome’s potential. He sees the Jubilee of Hope as a catalyst for change and a chance to make Rome a hub for digital innovation, sustainable mobility, and job creation. By forging partnerships with businesses and prioritizing subsidiarity, Rome can relaunch its image and attract those who have left the city. As the countdown to the Jubilee of Hope continues, Rome stands at a crossroads, with the opportunity to transform itself into a globally recognized center of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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