Rome’s Jubilee of Hope Sparks Ambition to Boost Business and Tech Sectors

Rome's Jubilee of Hope Sparks Ambition to Boost Business and Tech Sectors

Young Christian businessmen aim to enhance Rome’s profile as an entrepreneurial hub during the upcoming Jubilee of Hope.

As Rome prepares to host Pope Francis’s “Jubilee of Hope” in 2025, a group of young Christian businessmen sees this event as an opportunity to revitalize the city’s business and tech sectors. The Christian Union of Entrepreneurs and Managers (UCID), an association of Catholic businessmen, aims to make Rome more competitive and less reliant on tourism. With the belief that Rome has the potential to become a global capital of ethics applied to innovation, these entrepreneurs are determined to reshape the city’s image and foster economic growth.

Rome’s Lagging Non-Tourist Industries

Benedetto Delle Site, president of the youth sector of UCID, highlights Rome’s lagging non-tourist industries compared to other European capitals. Despite an increase in tourism following the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has witnessed a continuous decline in businesses and top professionals. Delle Site emphasizes that Rome cannot solely rely on its monuments and political status. He calls for Rome to prioritize becoming a global capital at the forefront of public services and infrastructure.

The Loss of Expo 2030 Bid as a Turning Point

The recent loss of the bid to host Expo 2030 serves as a turning point for Rome. Delle Site considers this loss a humiliation for Italy and Europe, emphasizing that Rome played its cards poorly. However, he believes that this setback can ignite a burst of pride and motivate the city to transform itself into a global capital of ethics applied to technological innovation.

The Jubilee of Hope as an Opportunity for Rome

With the Jubilee of Hope approaching, Delle Site sees this event as a crucial opportunity for Rome. He recognizes Rome’s unique position as the spiritual capital of Christianity, a leading European university center, and a hub for innovative start-ups and small to midsize enterprises. Delle Site envisions Rome as a globally recognized model for development that places human values at its core. He believes that the jubilee can help overcome the constraints that have hindered the city’s progress.

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Challenges and Concerns Ahead of the Jubilee

While plans for public works and infrastructure improvements have been announced ahead of the jubilee, delays and concerns have arisen. Business owners have expressed reservations about the construction of a tram line from Rome’s main train station to the Vatican, fearing it will disrupt business and not be completed on time. Similarly, locals have raised concerns about ongoing construction projects, such as an underground car passage, causing disruptions and traffic delays. These challenges add to the skepticism surrounding the city’s ability to meet its commitments before the jubilee.


Despite the challenges and concerns surrounding Rome’s preparations for the Jubilee of Hope, young Christian businessmen are optimistic about the city’s potential for growth and innovation. They view the jubilee as an opportunity to reshape Rome’s image and boost its business and tech sectors. By fostering a partnership between businesses and the city, these entrepreneurs aim to make Rome a global capital of ethics applied to technological innovation. As the jubilee draws near, the city has a chance to reclaim its position as a hub of entrepreneurial talent and creativity.