Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship Announces Inaugural 2024 Board of Directors

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship Announces Inaugural 2024 Board of Directors

WTE continues to support women in tech careers and entrepreneurship with a diverse group of leaders

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship (WTE), an organization dedicated to empowering women in the tech industry and entrepreneurship, has unveiled its inaugural 2024 board of directors. Since its establishment in Tampa in 2022 and the subsequent launch of its St. Pete chapter in May 2023, WTE has been providing mentorship, education, and a supportive community for women in tech and entrepreneurship. With the aim of promoting economic empowerment and fostering a more balanced and inclusive future, WTE addresses the gender disparity in the technology workforce. The organization’s first board of directors comprises accomplished leaders from various industries, bringing their expertise and perspectives to support WTE’s mission.

Addressing the Gender Gap in Tech

Despite women making up 50% of the population according to U.S. Census data from 2018-2022, the representation of women in the technology workforce remains significantly lower. Research shows that less than 28% of the technology workforce identifies as female, with only around 17% of technology companies having a woman as CEO. A survey conducted in 2022 revealed that 91.88% of software developers are men. WTE aims to bridge this gender gap by providing support, resources, and opportunities for women in the tech industry.

Introducing the 2024 Board of Directors

The 2024 board of directors for WTE comprises a diverse group of 14 accomplished women from companies across the United States. These leaders bring a range of backgrounds, including technology, entrepreneurship, finance, government contracting, and marketing. Their collective expertise and sector-specific knowledge will benefit WTE’s more than 3,000 members. The board includes Raechel Canipe as Chair, Molly Levinson-Kroeber as Vice Chair, Vanessa Ferguson as General Counsel, Lisa Marteney as Treasurer, Denise Acosta Musselwhite as Secretary, Andrea Knight as Supplier Diversity Chair, Ana Irving as Advocacy & Intersectionality Chair, Jojo Kalita as Events Chair, Jessica Charles and Justine D’Addio as Marketing Co-Chairs, Jessica Sudler as Program & Curriculum Chair, Rachel Thomas as Program & Curriculum Observer, Cat Suplicy and Ashley Williams as Fundraising & Sponsorship Co-Chairs.

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WTE’s Impact and Future Expansion

Raechel Canipe, the Founder and CEO of Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support the organization has received. WTE, despite being in its early stages, has attracted highly talented and passionate women leaders from across the country who are committed to supporting the mission of empowering women in tech and entrepreneurship. WTE has expanded rapidly, with chapters in Tampa, St. Pete, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, and plans to establish a chapter in Jacksonville later this month. Additionally, WTE is working towards establishing a collegiate chapter at the University of South Florida (USF) to provide support and mentorship to young women entering the tech industry.

Tackling the Retention Challenge

WTE recognizes the importance of addressing the issue of women leaving tech roles at a young age. Research indicates that women are 50% more likely to leave tech roles before the age of 35, significantly higher than in other industries. To attract a younger audience, WTE aims to create a supportive community early on, providing mentorship, connections, and networks that can help bridge the gap between university education and practical career opportunities. By fostering a supportive environment for the next generation, WTE aims to create more sustainable career paths and challenge the existing culture in the tech industry.

Joining the WTE Community

WTE operates as a volunteer-run organization without membership fees. Raechel Canipe personally finances many of the tech resources and educational programs for members. However, WTE has recently received its first monetary and in-kind donations to support future programming. The organization is actively seeking new members to join its growing community and is currently looking for a chair for the St. Pete chapter. Information about membership, upcoming events, and partnership opportunities can be found on the WTE website.

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The announcement of the inaugural 2024 board of directors for Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship marks a significant milestone for the organization. With a diverse group of leaders from various industries, WTE continues its mission to empower women in tech careers and entrepreneurship. By addressing the gender disparity in the technology workforce and providing support, mentorship, and a supportive community, WTE aims to create a more balanced, inclusive, and prosperous future for ambitious women. As WTE expands its reach and impact, it seeks to attract a younger audience and foster sustainable career journeys for the next generation of women in tech.