Chanel Metiers d’Art: Fashion A-list to Descend on Manchester Street

Chanel Metiers d'Art: Fashion A-list to Descend on Manchester Street

Thomas Street in Manchester is set to host Chanel’s prestigious Metiers d’Art show, attracting A-list celebrities and fashionistas from around the world.

In a surprising move, luxury fashion house Chanel has chosen Thomas Street, a vibrant and gritty road in Manchester, as the venue for its highly anticipated Metiers d’Art show. This prestigious event, previously held in fashion capitals like Paris, New York, and Rome, will showcase the latest creations from Chanel’s talented artisans. The decision to bring the event to Manchester reflects the city’s rich history of pop culture and music, as well as its thriving fashion scene. As preparations unfold, the city buzzes with excitement, wondering which celebrities will grace the event and what impact it will have on the local community.

1: A Unique Location with a Certain Charm

Thomas Street, located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, exudes a distinctive charm that resonated with Chanel’s vision for the Metiers d’Art show. The street is a melting pot of bars, boutiques, and eclectic establishments, coexisting with remnants of its industrial past. While it may not be traditionally chic, Thomas Street’s hip, historic, and down-to-earth atmosphere captured Chanel’s attention.

2: Manchester’s Pop Culture Legacy

Chanel’s decision to choose Manchester as the host city for the Metiers d’Art show was influenced by the city’s significant contributions to pop culture. From influential bands that have shaped the history of music to its avant-garde spirit, Manchester embodies a unique blend of creativity and innovation. The invitation to the event pays homage to Manchester’s cultural heritage, featuring iconic symbols like the Coronation Street sign redesigned to say Chanel St, references to the legendary Hacienda nightclub, and imagery from Factory Records and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

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3: Weather-proofing the Event

Manchester’s reputation for rain prompted Chanel to take precautions against the unpredictable weather. A long glass canopy has been erected along a 115-meter stretch of Thomas Street, providing protection for both models and guests. This innovative solution ensures that the event can proceed seamlessly, regardless of the weather conditions.

4: Anticipation for Celebrity Attendees

The Metiers d’Art show is known for attracting a star-studded guest list, and Manchester’s event is no exception. Speculation runs high as to which A-list celebrities will grace the occasion. Regular attendees like Pharrell Williams, Lily-Rose Depp, and Kristen Stewart are expected, while new Chanel brand ambassadors Timothee Chalamet and Riley Keough add to the excitement. Local heroes like Liam Gallagher and Coronation Street’s Gail are also rumored to attend. The anticipation of Hollywood bigwigs descending upon Manchester adds an element of thrill to the event.

5: The Impact on the Local Community

While the Metiers d’Art show brings glamour and excitement to Manchester, it also raises questions about the impact on the local community. Some residents express concerns about the contrast between the wealth on display and the poverty in the area. The event’s presence may temporarily mask the struggles faced by the homeless population, highlighting the underlying issues that need attention. Nevertheless, many see the event as an opportunity to boost the local economy and bring in much-needed revenue.


Chanel’s decision to hold its Metiers d’Art show in Manchester reflects the city’s vibrant pop culture, music legacy, and emerging fashion scene. The unique location of Thomas Street adds an element of authenticity and grit to the prestigious event. While the event promises to attract A-list celebrities and generate excitement, it also raises important questions about the socioeconomic disparities within the city. As Manchester embraces its role as a fashion destination, it remains to be seen how this event will shape the city’s fashion landscape and leave a lasting impact on its residents.

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