FashionVerse: The New Frontier of Fashion Gaming

FashionVerse: The New Frontier of Fashion Gaming

Tommy Hilfiger Ventures into the World of Fashion Gaming with FashionVerse

Fashion and gaming collide as fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger ventures into the world of mobile gaming with FashionVerse. In collaboration with game development company Tilting Point, Hilfiger aims to tap into the vast potential of the gaming industry to engage fashion enthusiasts in a unique and immersive way. With the game set to launch on popular platforms like Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and even Netflix, FashionVerse promises to offer a novel experience that combines fashion, technology, and entertainment.

A Gap in the Market for Fashion Gaming

According to Tilting Point founder and CEO Kevin Segalla, fashion fans have been “incredibly underserved” in the gaming space. Recognizing this untapped market, Hilfiger Ventures, a private investment firm founded by Tommy Hilfiger and Joe Lamastra, saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between fashion and gaming. While Hilfiger Ventures primarily focuses on media and entertainment investments, the FashionVerse concept presented an enticing opportunity to explore the intersection of fashion and technology.

Early Success and Expansion Plans

FashionVerse has already shown promise during its testing phase in Southeast Asia, Germany, and Italy, where it ranked in the top 10, surpassing popular game Roblox. With a median player age of 30, the game has captured the attention of a wide demographic. Players spend an average of 23 minutes a day in the FashionVerse app, immersing themselves in the virtual fashion world.

The game’s success has prompted discussions about potential expansions and the incorporation of commerce features. While the team is still considering how to integrate commerce into FashionVerse, the possibility of allowing players to purchase real-life versions of their in-game looks is being explored. This move would not only enhance the gaming experience but also provide a new revenue stream for the fashion brand.

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Mixed Reactions and Future Prospects

Tommy Hilfiger acknowledges that reactions to FashionVerse have been mixed within the industry. Early adopters and individuals with a forward-thinking mindset have embraced the concept, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the way fashion is experienced and marketed. However, there are skeptics who remain hesitant about the fusion of fashion and gaming. Nonetheless, Hilfiger believes that those who are open to innovation and creative marketing content will see the value and appeal of FashionVerse.


FashionVerse represents a bold step into uncharted territory, where fashion and gaming converge to create a new and immersive experience. Tommy Hilfiger’s foray into the gaming world with FashionVerse opens up exciting possibilities for fashion enthusiasts and gamers alike. As the game prepares for its launch on various platforms, the industry eagerly awaits the impact it will have on the intersection of fashion, technology, and entertainment. With its early success and potential for expansion, FashionVerse may pave the way for a new era of fashion gaming.