Naomi Campbell Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Golden Moment

Naomi Campbell Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Golden Moment

The iconic supermodel steals the show at Balmain’s men’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway with a dramatic golden ensemble.

Naomi Campbell, the ageless supermodel, continues to captivate audiences with her stunning presence and undeniable talent. At Paris Fashion Week, she made headlines once again as the only woman to walk the runway for Balmain’s men’s Fall/Winter 2024 show. Closing out the show in dramatic fashion, Campbell commanded the catwalk in an eye-catching gold headpiece and a sculptural piece that adorned her body. Let’s delve into this golden moment and explore the significance of Campbell’s appearance at this prestigious event.

A Golden Statement

Campbell’s runway look was nothing short of extraordinary. The striking gold headpiece, running vertically down her face, immediately drew attention. Accompanied by a large sculptural piece positioned on the front of her body, the ensemble exuded elegance and grandeur. The golden ornament, connected to a waist belt, featured a bouquet of metallic flowers held by a pair of hands. This statement piece partially obscured the rest of her outfit, which consisted of black pants, a tan top with a plunging neckline, and an oversized camel-colored coat draped over her shoulders.

Olivier Rousteing’s Vision

The collection showcased at Balmain’s men’s Fall/Winter 2024 show was the brainchild of creative director Olivier Rousteing. In an interview with Vogue, Rousteing expressed his desire to evoke the concept of “luxury” and its multifaceted meanings through each look. Campbell’s golden ensemble perfectly embodied this vision, symbolizing opulence, beauty, and artistic expression. Her presence on the runway added a touch of glamour and diversity to the show, breaking boundaries and challenging traditional gender norms.

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Celebrating Friendship and Philanthropy

In addition to her runway appearance, Campbell recently took to Instagram to celebrate the birthday of her longtime friend and fellow ’90s supermodel, Christy Turlington. In a heartfelt tribute post, Campbell described Turlington as her chosen family, highlighting their 37 years of friendship. She praised Turlington’s beauty, intelligence, hard work, loyalty, and kindness, while also commending her philanthropic efforts with the organization Every Mother Counts, which aims to reduce maternal mortality rates. The post featured a collection of current and throwback photos, showcasing the enduring bond between the two iconic models.

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Generations

Naomi Campbell’s continued success and influence in the fashion industry serve as a testament to her enduring talent and groundbreaking career. As a trailblazer for diversity and representation, Campbell has shattered glass ceilings and opened doors for models of all backgrounds. Her presence on the Balmain runway sends a powerful message of inclusivity and challenges the traditional gender norms within the fashion world. By embracing her unique style and confidently strutting the catwalk, Campbell continues to inspire generations of aspiring models and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Naomi Campbell’s golden moment at Paris Fashion Week has once again solidified her status as a fashion icon. With her striking appearance and captivating presence, she stole the show at Balmain’s men’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway. Campbell’s golden ensemble, designed by Olivier Rousteing, exuded luxury and artistic expression, while also challenging traditional gender norms. Her celebration of friendship and philanthropy further showcases her multifaceted personality and commitment to making a positive impact. As Campbell continues to break barriers and inspire generations, her influence in the fashion industry remains unparalleled.

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