Sydney Sweeney Goes Pantsless at Miu Miu’s Fall Runway Show

The Pantsless Trend Takes Center Stage at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Month has seen a surge in the daring trend of pantsless dressing, and the final day of Paris Fashion Week was no exception. Actress Sydney Sweeney made a bold statement as she strutted down the runway for Miu Miu’s fall show, leaving her pants behind and embracing the leggy look. With sequined briefs and a stylish tuxedo jacket, Sweeney showcased her take on the provocative trend that has captivated the fashion world.

Miu Miu’s Influence on the Pantsless Trend

Miu Miu, the brainchild of renowned designer Miuccia Prada, has been at the forefront of the pantsless trend. The brand’s cult-favorite exposed briefs have been sported by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emma Corrin. With their signature style, Miu Miu has paved the way for Hollywood’s A-list to embrace the underdressed look. Sweeney’s choice to go pantsless at a Miu Miu show is a testament to the brand’s influence and the ongoing fascination with this daring fashion statement.

The Rise of Pantsless Dressing

The pantsless trend has gained momentum in recent years, with celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike embracing the provocative style. From Kiernan Shipka to Emily Ratajkowski, the look has been championed by a diverse range of personalities. This past week, the trend has taken center stage across cities, and Sweeney’s bold outfit at the Miu Miu show perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this risqué fashion movement.

Sweeney’s Show-Stopping Outfit

In addition to her pantsless ensemble, Sweeney’s look was complete with other eye-catching elements. Her hair underwent a dramatic transformation, transitioning from shoulder-length locks to a chopped wet look. The actress complemented her outfit with rounded sunglasses, platform sandal heels, and a black Miu Miu bag. While her new haircut made a statement, it was undoubtedly overshadowed by the daring display of underwear in broad daylight.

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Sweeney’s Fashion Journey

Sweeney’s appearance at the Miu Miu show comes on the heels of her recent stint on Saturday Night Live. Leading up to her SNL appearance, she showcased a series of monochrome looks that captivated the streets of New York City. Interestingly, Sweeney had already embraced the no pants movement with an edgy and leggy romper earlier in the week. Her appearance at the Miu Miu show marks a pinnacle moment in her exploration of pantsless dressing.


As Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, Sydney Sweeney’s pantsless look at the Miu Miu fall runway show has left a lasting impression. The trend of pantsless dressing continues to captivate the fashion world, with Miu Miu at the forefront of this daring movement. Sweeney’s bold outfit serves as a testament to the brand’s influence and the ongoing fascination with underdressed fashion. As Hollywood’s A-list embraces this provocative trend, it’s clear that pants are becoming an optional accessory on the runway and beyond.