The Bazaar 100: Celebrating the Best of 2023

The Bazaar 100: Celebrating the Best of 2023

A comprehensive list of the fashion and culture moments that brought us joy

As the year 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the moments that made it truly special. From runway shows to music releases, movies to societal movements, the editors of this publication have compiled the Bazaar 100, a list of the 100 best things about the year. This list is a celebration of the fashion and culture moments that brought us joy, inspired us, and made us click “Add to Cart.” Join us as we dive into the highlights of 2023 and relive the excitement of the past year.

Fashion Takes Center Stage

The fashion world saw many exciting moments in 2023. From Miu Miu’s “Literally Me” runway show, which showcased witty and chic everyday styles, to the rise of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 sneakers favored by Bella Hadid, fashion enthusiasts had plenty to be excited about. Transparency became a major trend, with brands like Tibi and Prada incorporating delicate sheer layers into their collections. The year also saw the return of Phoebe Philo, who launched her new label and delighted fans with her weird, funky glamour.

Music and Performances that Moved Us

The music industry had its fair share of memorable moments in 2023. Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour captivated audiences worldwide, proving the enduring power of these iconic artists. Both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift also released full-length feature-film versions of their tours, allowing fans to relive the magic of their performances. SZA emerged as a force to be reckoned with, with her album “S.O.S.” topping the charts and captivating listeners with dreamy, lovelorn singles. Additionally, the genre of hip-hop celebrated its 50th birthday, with star-studded performances and celebrations honoring its history.

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Movies and TV Shows that Stole the Spotlight

The world of film and television had its fair share of standout moments in 2023. Barbie, the film, became a feminist classic, entertaining audiences with its funny and meticulously crafted storyline. Succession, the hit TV show, left us with a memorable catchphrase and sharp analysis of status, power, and style. The Met Gala also made waves, with celebrities donning head-turning outfits and making fashion statements that will be remembered for years to come.

Cultural and Social Movements that Made an Impact

Beyond the realms of fashion and entertainment, 2023 saw significant cultural and social movements. The two unions representing actors and screenwriters, SAG-AFTRA and WGA, went on simultaneous strikes, demanding better working conditions and receiving broad support from moviegoers. The fight for women’s rights continued, with abortion rights winning at the polls and young activists suing the state of Montana over climate change. Drag queens also fought back against challenges to their art form, rallying to protect their community and artistry.

Literature and Art that Captivated Us

The world of literature and art had its fair share of highlights in 2023. Emma Cline’s novel “The Guest” struck a chord with readers, capturing the dark portrait of a young woman coming apart in the Hamptons. Stay True, a moving memoir by Hua Hsu, explored the profound impact of friendship on shaping our lives. The art world saw the triumph of Lauren Halsey’s Met rooftop installation, which celebrated her upbringing in South Central L.A. and empowered artists historically overlooked by gatekeepers.

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The year 2023 was filled with moments that brought us joy, inspired us, and made us think. From fashion to music, movies to societal movements, the Bazaar 100 is a testament to the power of culture in shaping our lives. As we bid farewell to this year, let us carry the memories and lessons learned into the future, embracing the creativity and passion that make each year unique.