The Crown: Recreating the Iconic Dress that Sparked a Royal Romance

The Crown: Recreating the Iconic Dress that Sparked a Royal Romance

The Crown’s portrayal of Kate Middleton’s daring dress at the St. Andrews charity fashion show in 2002 captivates audiences and sheds light on a pivotal moment in the royal romance.

In the final season of The Crown, creator Peter Morgan takes viewers back to the early days of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship. Episode 9, “Hope Street,” features the iconic St. Andrews charity fashion show, where Kate’s choice of attire catches the future king’s attention. While the series blends timelines and details, the scene closely mirrors the real-life event that marked a turning point in their courtship.

A Bridgerton-esque Moment

In her book The Palace Papers, journalist Tina Brown vividly describes the fashion show scene, likening it to a scene from the hit series Bridgerton. William, along with his friends, secured a front-row table to witness the parade of girls. It was Kate, however, who stole the show, strutting down the runway in a diaphanous black-and-gold silk dress with a short skirt that showcased her figure and long legs. William was transfixed, and the image of Kate in that dress left an indelible impression on him.

The Real-Life Dress and Moment

The Crown’s portrayal of the fashion show scene stays true to the essence of the real event. While some details are altered for dramatic effect, the central elements remain. Kate, played by Meg Bellamy in the series, decides to wear the see-through skirt hoisted up as a dress with her underwear showing through. This bold choice was a departure from her usual style and caught William’s attention. According to reports, it was at this moment that William made his first move, and Kate made hers.

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The Impact of the Dress

The see-through dress at the fashion show is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in William and Kate’s relationship. While Kate claimed to be unattached in the series, she was still dating Rupert Finch at the time. Nevertheless, the daring dress served as a catalyst for their romance. The student designer, Charlotte Todd, who created the skirt, reflects on the significance of her creation, stating that “everyone says that the fashion show was when the romance started.” Todd’s design has become a part of royal history.

The Crown’s Interpretation

While The Crown takes creative liberties with certain details surrounding the fashion show, the essence of the moment remains intact. The series showcases the power of fashion and the impact it can have on relationships, even within the royal family. The portrayal of Kate’s choice to wear the daring dress highlights her confidence and willingness to take risks, qualities that would later define her role as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Conclusion: The Crown’s depiction of Kate Middleton’s iconic dress at the St. Andrews charity fashion show brings to life a pivotal moment in the royal romance. The scene captures the essence of the real event, where Kate’s daring fashion choice caught Prince William’s attention and marked the beginning of their love story. Through the power of fashion, The Crown reminds us that even in the world of royalty, a single dress can shape the course of history.