The Future of Digital News: Exploring the Trial Experience

The Future of Digital News: Exploring the Trial Experience

Unveiling the Features and Choices of the Trial

In an era dominated by digital media, staying informed and accessing quality news has become more important than ever. The Financial Times (FT), a renowned global news publication, offers readers a trial experience on their digital platform, This trial provides users with comprehensive access to a wealth of news, analysis, expert opinions, and curated newsletters. In this article, we will delve into the details of the trial, exploring the features, options, and what happens at the end of the trial period.

The Trial Experience: A Comprehensive Digital Access

During the trial period, users are granted complete digital access to, encompassing both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages. The Standard Digital package offers a wide range of global news, analysis, and expert opinions, covering diverse topics from politics to finance. This package ensures readers stay informed about the latest developments across the globe.

On the other hand, the Premium Digital package takes readers a step further, providing access to the esteemed business column, Lex. This column offers expert insights and analysis on key business themes, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the corporate world. Additionally, the Premium Digital package includes 15 curated newsletters, each focusing on specific business themes and featuring original, in-depth reporting.

Flexibility and Choices: Changing Plans during the Trial

One of the key advantages of the trial is the flexibility it offers. Users have the freedom to change their plan at any time during the trial period. By visiting the “Settings & Account” section, users can effortlessly switch between the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages based on their preferences and needs.

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For those seeking cost savings, the option to change plans is particularly beneficial. Users can opt to pay annually at the end of the trial, saving 20% while retaining premium access. This choice allows readers to enjoy the full benefits of the Premium Digital package while optimizing their subscription costs.

Alternatively, users can also choose to downgrade to the Standard Digital package. This package offers a robust journalistic offering that fulfills the needs of many readers. By comparing the Standard and Premium Digital packages, users can make an informed decision based on their specific interests and requirements.

Seamless Transition: Changes Effective at the End of the Trial

Any changes made to the subscription plan during the trial period will become effective at the end of the trial. This means that users can enjoy full access to for the entire trial duration, regardless of whether they choose to downgrade or cancel their subscription. This ensures that readers have ample time to explore the platform and make an informed decision about their ongoing subscription.


The trial experience offers readers a comprehensive and flexible way to access quality news and analysis. With complete digital access to both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages, users can stay informed about global developments and gain deeper insights into the business world. The ability to change plans during the trial period, along with the option to pay annually for cost savings, provides readers with the freedom to tailor their subscription to their specific needs. Whether readers choose to continue with the Premium Digital package, downgrade to the Standard Digital package, or explore other options, the trial ensures a seamless transition and an enriching news experience.

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