The Game Awards 2023: A Fashion Transformation

The Game Awards 2023: A Fashion Transformation

Glamour and Style Take Center Stage at Gaming’s Biggest Night

Last year, a New York-based fashion critic caused a stir by criticizing the fashion choices at The Game Awards, highlighting what she saw as an identity crisis within the gaming industry. However, her words seemed to have had a profound impact, as this year’s attendees stepped up their fashion game, resulting in a dazzling display of style and glamour at The Game Awards 2023. With sequins, sparkles, vibrant colors, and bold accessories, the Peacock Theater became a runway of fashion excellence. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best-dressed attendees who graced the event.

A Fashion Revolution Takes the Stage

The Game Awards 2023 marked a turning point for the gaming industry’s fashion scene. Attendees, both on and off the stage, embraced bold and daring fashion choices, breaking away from the traditional t-shirt and blazer uniform. The transformation was evident as soon as the event kicked off, with vibrant gowns, sharp suit sets, and eye-catching accessories stealing the spotlight. It was clear that the gaming community had taken the fashion critique to heart and was determined to prove that style and gaming could coexist.

Sequins, Sparkles, and Barbie-Pink Gowns

One trend that dominated the red carpet at The Game Awards 2023 was the use of sequins and sparkles. Attendees dazzled in shimmering dresses and jumpsuits, adding a touch of glamour to the event. Barbie-pink gowns were also a popular choice, bringing a playful and feminine vibe to the night. The combination of sequins, sparkles, and vibrant colors created an atmosphere of celebration and festivity.

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Bold Suit Sets and Funky Accessories

While gowns stole the show, many attendees opted for bold suit sets that showcased their individuality and creativity. Bright colors, unique patterns, and unconventional cuts were embraced, challenging the notion that formal attire had to be boring. Funky accessories, such as statement earrings, oversized belts, and elaborate headpieces, added an extra layer of personality to the outfits, turning heads and sparking conversations.

Sky-High Heels and Fashion Risks

No fashion-forward look is complete without a pair of sky-high heels. Attendees at The Game Awards 2023 embraced this trend, elevating their outfits and exuding confidence. From stilettos to platform shoes, the red carpet was a parade of fashionable footwear. Moreover, some attendees took fashion risks by experimenting with unconventional styles, pushing boundaries, and challenging traditional norms. These bold choices added an element of surprise and excitement to the event.

Geoff Keighley Sets the Fashion Bar High

Host Geoff Keighley himself became a fashion icon at The Game Awards 2023. His impeccable style and attention to detail in his outfit choices inspired attendees and set a high standard for fashion at the event. Keighley’s well-tailored suits and sophisticated accessories made a lasting impression, proving that the gaming industry’s fashion evolution starts from the top.


The Game Awards 2023 showcased a remarkable transformation in the gaming industry’s fashion landscape. Attendees embraced glamour, style, and individuality, challenging the traditional norms and proving that gaming and fashion can coexist harmoniously. From sequins and sparkles to bold suit sets and funky accessories, the red carpet at The Game Awards was a visual feast. This year’s event demonstrated that the gaming community is not only passionate about their craft but also determined to make a statement through their fashion choices. As the industry continues to evolve, it is clear that fashion will play an increasingly significant role in shaping its identity. The Game Awards 2023 will be remembered as a turning point, where the gaming industry embraced its newfound fashion confidence and showcased its true colors on the red carpet.

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