Tommy Hilfiger Elevates Affordable Luxury in Fall 2024 Collection

The iconic fashion brand introduces elevated designs at New York Fashion Week, targeting a new market segment with affordable luxury.

Tommy Hilfiger, the renowned fashion brand known for its sporty prep aesthetic, made a bold statement at New York Fashion Week with its Fall 2024 collection. The brand’s founder, Tommy Hilfiger, showcased an elevated line of women’s and men’s clothing, aiming to tap into the growing demand for quiet luxury. With a focus on affordable luxury and timeless classics with a modern twist, Hilfiger aims to attract a new customer base while retaining the brand’s signature style.

Women’s Collection: Elevating Sporty Prep with a Collegiate Feel

Hilfiger’s Fall 2024 women’s collection exuded an elevated take on sporty prep, incorporating a collegiate feel into the designs. Oversized blazers adorned with safety pin brooches, slouchy suits, belted pleated maxiskirts, and wide-wale cord miniskirts were among the standout pieces. Chunky cashmere striped sweaters, double-face wool coats, and bomber jackets added a touch of cool girl style reminiscent of popular brands like Khaite, Toteme, and The Frankie Shop. While the pricing for these pieces will be slightly higher than previous collections, Hilfiger aims to offer affordable luxury compared to other luxury brands in the market.

Men’s Collection: A Grown-Up Tommy Guy

The Fall 2024 men’s collection showcased the evolution of the “Tommy guy.” While maintaining the brand’s signature “American classic cool” aesthetic, the collection featured boxy suits, high-waist chinos, undone ties, and slouchy pleated pants. Long wool and cashmere coats, updated varsity jackets, trench coats, and corduroy suits added an elegant and chic touch to the designs without losing the youthful energy and playfulness synonymous with the brand. Hilfiger aims to shift the balance between men’s and women’s sales, with a focus on gaining traction in the European women’s market.

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Collaborations and Curations: Tommy Hilfiger and Sofia Richie Grainge

The Fall 2024 show also marked the beginning of a two-year collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Sofia Richie Grainge. The partnership will culminate in co-designed collections and curated selections, set to debut in the summer. Hilfiger expressed his belief in Richie Grainge’s ability to capture the essence of the zeitgeist, positioning her as a key influencer for the brand’s future endeavors.


Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2024 collection at New York Fashion Week showcased the brand’s commitment to elevating affordable luxury. With a focus on timeless classics with a modern twist, Hilfiger aims to attract a new customer base while retaining the brand’s signature style. The women’s collection featured elevated sporty prep with a collegiate feel, while the men’s collection showcased a grown-up version of the “Tommy guy.” Collaborations and curations with Sofia Richie Grainge further emphasize the brand’s commitment to staying relevant and capturing the spirit of the times. This collection marks a significant step for Tommy Hilfiger in bringing fresh eyes and customers to the brand, solidifying its place in the quiet luxury fashion landscape.