Yazmin Lacey: The Intimate Voice Weaving Jazz, Soul, and Reggae

Yazmin Lacey: The Intimate Voice Weaving Jazz, Soul, and Reggae

British musician Yazmin Lacey captivates audiences with her mellow voice and genre-blending music.

British musician Yazmin Lacey has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of jazz, soul, electronica, and reggae. With her debut LP, “Voice Notes,” Lacey has gained a devoted following in Europe and is now embarking on her first headlining tour. Her music, characterized by her textured voice and intimate lyrics, draws listeners in and creates a sense of closeness. In this article, we explore Lacey’s journey, her musical style, and the impact she is making on the industry.

1: A Musical Journey Rooted in Heritage

Growing up in East London with Caribbean roots, Lacey’s musical journey began in the church choir. However, it wasn’t until her mid-20s that she started writing and performing her own songs. Influenced by her Caribbean heritage, Lacey weaves elements of reggae, jazz, and soul into her music, creating a unique sound that reflects her cultural background and personal experiences.

2: The Rise of “Voice Notes”

Lacey’s debut LP, “Voice Notes,” showcases her talent and versatility as a musician. The album takes its name from the stream-of-consciousness audio messages Lacey leaves for her friends and the spontaneous melodies she records on her phone. Despite the seemingly casual inspiration, Lacey crafted the album meticulously over two years, collaborating with renowned producer Dave Okumu and other musicians. The album’s range of emotions and themes, from the frenetic opening track to the serene finale, “Sea Glass,” highlights Lacey’s ability to create a cohesive and introspective musical journey.

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3: Connecting with Audiences

Lacey’s music resonates deeply with her listeners, creating a sense of intimacy and connection. Her mellow voice, often just behind the beat, draws the audience in and allows them to experience her emotions firsthand. Lacey’s lyrics touch on personal experiences, relationships, and self-reflection, inviting listeners to relate and find solace in her music. This connection has led to sold-out shows and a growing fan base, particularly in Europe.

4: Breaking Barriers and Empowering Others

As a Black woman in the music industry, Lacey recognizes the importance of self-expression and representation. She believes that her ability to freely express herself and stand boldly in the world is a significant achievement. Lacey’s success serves as inspiration for aspiring artists, particularly those from marginalized communities, encouraging them to pursue their passions and overcome barriers.


Yazmin Lacey’s music is a testament to her talent, versatility, and ability to connect with audiences on a deep level. Through her genre-blending sound and intimate lyrics, she creates a unique musical experience that resonates with listeners. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Lacey’s impact on the industry and her ability to empower others will undoubtedly continue to grow. In a world where self-expression is vital, Lacey’s voice stands out as a beacon of authenticity and representation.