Zayn Malik Makes Rare Public Appearance at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Zayn Malik Makes Rare Public Appearance at Paris Men's Fashion Week

The former One Direction star steps out for the Kenzo Menswear show, showcasing his cool sense of style and reflecting on fatherhood.

Zayn Malik, the former member of the popular British boy band One Direction, made a rare public appearance at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Known for his enigmatic persona and unique style, Malik joined a host of celebrities at the Kenzo Menswear show, captivating fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. This marked one of his few red carpet outings since his departure from One Direction in 2015. Malik’s appearance not only showcased his fashion-forward sense but also offered a glimpse into his personal life and reflections on fatherhood.

A Fashionable Comeback

Malik, 31, arrived at the Kenzo Menswear show donning a navy blue patterned blazer and matching pants, exuding a sense of effortless cool. He paired the ensemble with a white button-down shirt, leaving the top buttons undone, revealing his collection of neck tattoos. The singer’s fashion choices have always been a topic of discussion, and this appearance was no exception. Fans and fashion enthusiasts eagerly awaited his red carpet comeback, and he did not disappoint.

A Glimpse of Growth

Malik’s appearance also offered a glimpse into his personal growth and evolution. Sporting a grown-out hairstyle with blonde tips, reminiscent of his frosted locks during One Direction’s Take Me Home era in 2012, he showcased a sense of nostalgia for his dedicated fan base, known as Directioners. This subtle nod to his past resonated with fans, evoking a sense of fondness and excitement.

Rubbing Shoulders with Icons

At the Kenzo Menswear show, Malik was seen rubbing shoulders with iconic figures in the fashion and music industry. He posed alongside Pharrell Williams, who had just finished his third show for Louis Vuitton, and Rita Ora, adding to the star-studded front row. The presence of such influential personalities further solidified Malik’s status as a tastemaker and trendsetter in the industry.

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Balancing Ventures and Fatherhood

While Malik has kept a low profile in recent years, he has been busy working on various projects behind the scenes. Last summer, he made a triumphant return to music with his summer track, “Love Like This,” his first single in two years. Additionally, he ventured into the non-alcoholic beverage business as the chief creative officer and co-owner of Mixoloshe, an alcohol-free drink brand. Malik’s ability to balance his creative pursuits while prioritizing fatherhood is commendable. He welcomed his daughter Khai with his ex-partner, supermodel Gigi Hadid, in 2020, and has since embraced the role of a doting father.

Embracing Fatherhood and Setting an Example

In a candid interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Malik opened up about the profound impact fatherhood has had on his life. He expressed his desire to be a positive role model for his daughter, emphasizing the importance of setting a good example. Malik’s newfound perspective on life and his commitment to being present for his daughter have softened his once rebellious image. He humorously admitted to embracing “dad jokes” and revealed his eagerness to be a source of inspiration for his child.


Zayn Malik’s rare public appearance at Paris Men’s Fashion Week not only showcased his impeccable style but also provided a glimpse into his personal growth and reflections on fatherhood. As he continues to balance his creative ventures and prioritize his role as a father, Malik’s journey serves as an inspiration to his fans and admirers. With his undeniable talent and evolving persona, Malik remains a captivating figure in the music and fashion industry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next move.

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